The Path of Discovery & Personal Development

We are eternal beings. Most human lives are measured in decades but the life of the soul is infinite!  Realizing its nature and lineage informs and enhances everyday experience.  Nourishing your soul and understanding its plan for this lifetime is the gateway to peace, joy, bliss.

While life may have its ups and downs, understanding life’s never ending cycle can mitigate suffering.  On your journey through time, you may be encumbered by the realities of daily life – responsibilities, relationships, external or internal expectations. Soul Source aims to help eliminate these encumbrances.

Too many believe only a guru can guide them to a closer connection to God or to create heaven on earth. At Soul Source, we help you become the instrument of your own fulfillment. Still others seek understanding about their past and future from psychics through clairvoyant readings. At Soul Source, we help you to look within to uncover your truth. We challenge you to imagine what your life will be like when you connect directly to your soul and allow it to guide you and chart your future. We do so in an inviting, comfortable and beautiful retreat setting that enables you to connect to your higher self.

Along the path, many of us explore and consult with others to discover how best to fulfill our desire for calm and inner peace or to achieve a state of well-being. Fortunately, opportunities and resources abound. Soul Source is one ~ an “oasis” amidst the seeming chaos of life to replenish mind-body-spirit. Our services promote your wellness, serenity and joy, helping you to discover that you are the instrument of your own peace and well-being.

Join me at Soul Source! Retreat to our oasis as you journey on the path of discovery, personal development and fulfillment.   Joanne

An Oasis for Transformation

Soul Source offers a unique combination of spiritual discovery and tools for transformation & holistic healing. We want to be well and to connect with your higher self. Our services and program offerings are designed to eliminate the barriers to your well-being and the encumbrances on your spiritual journey. We help you to gain insight about the life situations that impede inner-peace, cause anxiety and stress, rob confidence and self-esteem. Cultivating stillness, equanimity & calm is the best counter-balance for the ever growing demands of daily life.

Holistic services are provided by a dedicated and competent cadre of practitioners. Workshops and seminars educate, inspire and motivate you to advance along your path — to awaken to higher consciousness. Groups keep you informed and connected with like minded seekers.  Life between lives and past lives regressions as well as transpersonal journeying facilitate emotional and spiritual transformation. These experiences are invaluable for those looking to connect with their higher self to in order to resolve past-lives, to uncover life purpose, to explore soul plans and sacred contracts and to understand soul mate and soul family relationships. For those wishing to integrate these or other experiences, spiritual integration counseling to bridge your everyday world with an understanding of your eternal nature and life is available. We launched our Blog ~ Wonderings and Wanderings to provide nourishment for you heart, mind and soul.

Each of our offerings are designed to guide those embarked on journeys of discovery and transformation or along their spiritual path.

Serenity, harmony, tranquility, unity, equanimity, bliss, well-being, health and wellness as well as self love and acceptance, inner peace, joy are desired by most. Embarking on a spiritual path is one way to fulfill these aspirations.Learn More
We are eternal beings traveling through time. The journey itself is satisfying enough for many. For others there is a desire to understand the nature of the individualized soul and its connection to the Source — the mystery we name God.Learn More

Emotional & Spiritual Transformation

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Connect to Your Higher Self

Uncover Your Destiny

Resolve Past Lives

Journey to Life Between Lives

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You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience.

You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.

- Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

What is Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy?

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy® (LBL) is a technique for journeying to the time between lifetimes – often referred to as the inter-life. It is based on the groundbreaking research and instructions of Michael Newton, Ph.D., author of the best-selling books “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls” and editor of “Memories of the Afterlife”.

The techniques of Life Between Lives hypnotherapy allow you access to your soul memories while in a state of consciousness which is called the superconscious mind. This work is both an extension of and evolution beyond, Past Life Regression.

In this unfiltered soul state, you access soul-based memories, view your current and past lives through the soul’s eternal perspective and peer into daily life in the eternal realm. The deep trance state facilitated by the hypnotherapist enables you to re-experience soul memories that are otherwise hidden from normal waking consciousness. A Life Between Lives® session is aptly described as peering into the window of your soul’s eternal journey.

Why seek a life between lives regression?

Do you wonder?

  • What is the purpose of life, and specifically the purpose of my life?
  • What lessons am I to learn in this life-time?
  • How can I break this pattern of behavior that causes me such pain?
  • Why can’t I seem to heal this emotional wound?
  • Why do I have this condition?
  • What are these relationships trying to teach me?
  • Why do these things keep happening to me?
  • Will I ever meet my soul mate?
  • Why is life so hard – what is the point of all of this suffering?
  • What happens after we die?

Life Between Lives® hypnotherapy enables you to communicate with your higher self, share its eternal perspective and formulate answers to these important questions.

How does it Work?

To explore soul based experiences and memories one must travel beyond the subconscious to access the super-conscious – the soul state. The LBL, also referred to as spiritual regression, enables one first to transcend identification with one’s physical incarnations and then to bridge physical incarnations and connect with immortal life in the spirit realm.

As with other hypnosis, a session begins with relaxation and visualization that enable the body to still and the mind to quiet enabling focused concentration on journeying back through time. However, because Life Between Lives® requires a deep state of trance, this phase of the session is lengthier than other hypnosis sessions.

Once you are in this deeply relaxed state, you are guided through pleasant or neutral childhood memories then back into womb for your first encounter with your higher self. Next you are guided back through the tunnel of time to you most recent past life, transitioning through the death scene and into the spirit world. There is no need to worry that you will re-experience any pain or trauma, the review of your past life death will be from a perspective of your higher self. Once in the inter-life, your explorations of your souls’ experiences comprise the balance and majority of the session.

Your LBL session is a collaborative venture. Your soul leads you to the experience you are ready to have and allows you to see what you are ready to see and understand.  As the facilitator of your LBL session I guide you on journey, fully acknowledging that your session is directed from the level of spirit.

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What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is the method for accessing recollections from earlier lifetimes enabling exploration of your eternal soul memories.

How does it work?

As with other hypnosis, a session begins with relaxation and visualization that enable the body to still and the mind to quiet enabling focused concentration on journeying back through time. Once you are in this deeply relaxed state, you can more readily connect to your higher self.

Why seek a past life regression?

Some are drawn to Past Life Regression as a result of clues that they have from a prior incarnation. In general, people who choose to experience a PLR’s believe in reincarnation – a belief held by culture around the world for millennia. Others are less certain, and choose a Past Life Regression with the hope of confirming the eternal nature of life.

Some approach the experience out of curiosity having read one of the many articles or books on the subject, heard an interview with a well know past life regressionist, or seen a movie or show that highlights the technique.

While others choose to experience a PLR to gain insight and better understand themselves. Some look to uncover the answers to important questions about themselves, to comprehend the origin of talents and aptitudes, to resolve situations or relationships or to break long standing behavioral patters.

Still others seek to remediate physical maladies or emotional problems that are resistant to traditional therapies and that appear to pre-date their current life.  Decades of research and clinical experience have confirmed the therapeutic value of Past Life Regression in removing problems by revisiting their “root cause”.

Finally, some seek a reconciliation of their worldly/physical identity – their temporal self — with their soul’s nature and lineage – their eternal self.

What is the benefit?

Regardless of the motivations, the insight and understanding gained by many clients profoundly and positively influences their outlook on life and perspective on the future. Many report that the experience is an important contributor to overcoming dis-ease in their life. Decades of research and clinical experience have confirmed the therapeutic value of Past Life Regression in removing problems by revisiting their “root cause” and affecting their final release. Depending on the number and seriousness of therapeutic issues presenting, more than one regression session may be suggested.

Affirmation and reassurance of one’s eternal nature provide comfort to those who may be struggling with life-threatening conditions or end-of-life. The profundity of this cosmic experience can diminish the suffering of an existential crisis of faith; while concurrently affirming the interconnectivity of the web of life.

Insight and understanding about patterns of behavior, attachments and relationships enable one to make   decisions that yield positive and constructive change.

Many ask “how exactly does hypnosis work?”

The hypnotherapist, in partnership and with the full agreement of the client, works to harmonize the thoughts and beliefs held by a client in the conscious and subconscious mind.

Our conscious mind assumes many essential responsibilities; protecting us and keeping us alive are among the more critical! In addition to these more sensational tasks it is also in charge of the more mundane. It is our ‘thinking’ mind that helps to organize and execute the many activities of our busy, daily lives. It analyzes, organizes, assesses and critiques. It reasons and rationalizes, makes decisions, solves problems for us. Although it only accounts for 10% of our mind, it is clearly indispensable! Despite its significant capacities, the conscious mind has its limitations. It is not proficient when it comes to eliminating outdated ideas, views or beliefs, or eradicating the emotions and behavioral complications to its archaic thoughts.

Our subconscious, accounting for 90% of our mind, is equally impressive. It is responsible for all automatic bodily functions in addition to serving as the storehouse for the mind. It records all thoughts, all experiences, all observations, all sensations, all emotions. Its gigantic memory bank holds our core beliefs and values. And much like the massive web browsers that collect new and update information loaded onto the world-wide-web, the subconscious mind is constantly receiving new information. It is this aspect that makes the subconscious receptive to reframing thoughts and reprogramming new responses. It is in a constant state of transformation.

Our superconscious — the eternal soul self — is accessed during Past Life and Life Between Lives regression. The superconscious is beyond the ordinary range of daily attention while being the source of heightened mental clarity and intuition. One can think of it as the spiritual region of the psyche. Within a transpersonal context, it is the eternal linkage to the temporal personality. Its elevated perspective enables one to comprehend and experience the unitive and eternal nature of spirit. The individual super-conscious is the highest level of human consciousness through which the individual experiences the limitless and infinite nature of the Supra-consciousness.

Masters of the wisdom traditions have had many names for the Supra-conscious, for example God, Brahman, Tao, the One, the Alpha & the Omega, the All & the Everything, The I Am;  while contemporary scientists refers to the Supra-conscious mind as the “field” or the “unified field”.  Despite differing approaches and paradigms, Mystics, Sages and scientist alike view this infinite field of potential as the seed of all creation and potential for any conceivable outcome.

What is hypnosis like?

Hypnosis sessions begin with the hypnotherapist helping the client to reach a relaxed, neutral state that enables the subconscious mind to suspend critical judgment and to be receptive to suggestion. In this relaxed and focused state of awareness and sensitivity, — a trance state — the client is able to accept positive and healing suggestions that replace negative thoughts and behavioral patterns. This therapeutic technique is so powerful because it focuses on reframing the thoughts, memories and emotions that are stored in the subconscious mind. In addition, the subconscious is also the gateway to the superconscious mind – our access for transpersonal journeying, past life and life between life regressions.

Can everyone be hypnotized?

One of the most frequently asked questions about hypnosis is “can everyone be hypnotized”. Almost everyone can be hypnotized. The most important prerequisite is that an individual believe that hypnosis can work for them. A conscious thought that it CAN’T work serves as a lock on the metaphorical door to the subconscious. Your belief that it can help you coupled with anticipation and expectation for your desired results increase its effectiveness. In fact reaching the trance state is more common than most people think. Do you ever get so deeply engrossed in a movie or the internet that you lose track of time? Or, have you ever experienced reaching home by car, but not remembering part of the way route? If you have, then you have already experienced a light trans state.

My hypnotherapy practice is centered on helping you with emotional and spiritual transformation. I work with you to align your inner world with the outer existence you want in life. Additionally, I work with you to achieve peace in your daily life so that you may achieve inner stillness, harmony, serenity and tranquility. You have the power to accomplish all of this. My role is to give you the tools so that you can achieve your fullest potential and realize your spiritual destiny – awaking to your divinity. I help you to open to the inner wisdom and intuition that will serve your highest purpose. This journey is not guided by religious dogma but is framed in the belief that there is an aspect of self that is eternal and transpersonal – meaning beyond (trans) the personal, the ego, the self.

Emotional Transformation

If you change your thinking, you can change your life. Working in partnership with a hypnotherapist your can make dramatic changes in your life. I can help you:

Do you want to change the thoughts and expectations that create stress and anxiety? Do you want to eliminate beliefs that produce endless fretting and worry? Do you want to learn techniques for relaxation? Do you want to overcome the fears and doubt that dramatically limit your living a joyful and free life? Do you want to eradicate the pessimistic and limiting thoughts that destroy your confidence about yourself and future? Do you want to rid yourself of the debilitating thoughts ideas that zap your motivation and creativity? Do you want to change behavioral patterns that cause you unnecessary suffering and pain? Do you want to get rid of the emotional distractions to your spiritual journey?

Spiritual Transformation

In addition to helping you achieve the peace of mind so essential for stillness and quietude, hypnosis can assist you on your spiritual path – developing your meditation practice, journeying to higher-self, resolving past lives, and accessing your life between lives.

I can teach you self-hypnosis so that you can begin meditation from a state of deep relaxation and focused attention. This is very helpful to those who experience “monkey-mind” – the incessant jumping thoughts and chatter that distracts and often preempts achieving a quiet, meditative state.

Transpersonal Journeys:    I can take you on a journey to awaken to your higher-self. Clients in this state often encounter spirit guides and masters who provide the insight, encouragement and direction that is so desired along the spiritual path. These transpersonal journeys are food for the spiritual journeyer.

Past Life Regression:    I conduct past life regression with individuals who are seeking understanding and clarity about their life and relationships. Using this hypnotic therapeutic technique we revisit earlier times to recover memoires that may still negatively influence your life and your wellness — including your health, your emotional state and your current relationships. Clients experience rapid relief from chronic symptoms that have caused life long suffering, including unexplained fears and phobias, panic attacks, physical maladies, and destructive behavior patters.

Life Between Lives Regression: I conduct Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (LBL) for those seeking to journey to the time between lifetimes – the inter-life. In this unfiltered soul state, you access soul-based memories, view your current and past lives through the soul’s eternal perspective and peer into daily life in the eternal realm. You re-experience soul memories that are otherwise hidden from normal waking consciousness. A Life Between Lives session is aptly described as peering into the window of your soul’s eternal journey. 



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