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January 1 - 15, 2011
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Soul Source


Summer 2013





Wednesday, July 10, 2013

7:00 to 9:00 pm



with Joanne Selinske


Why do souls agree to forget their eternal origins, clothe themselves in a body and leave the higher worlds for a difficult life on earth? A satisfying answer is difficult to formulate.


Join us for our monthly discussion group to unravel why you decided to make the journey.


Come together with others who want:

  • to have a deeper understanding of their true purpose in life,
  • to understand their soul's intention for this lifetime -- healing, learning, balancing karma,
  • to decode patterns of behavior ~ productive and nonproductive,
  • to understand their relationships with soul mates and other members of their soul family, and
  • to glean wisdom about life's often painful lessons.


If you want to better comprehend what it means that you are a soul having a human experience, join us for what promises to be an informative and provocative evening.

Facilitator: Joanne Selinske holds a Doctoral Degree in Transpersonal Counseling, Masters Degrees in Marriage and Family Therapy/ Family Studies and Metaphysical Science and Bachelors Degrees in Psychology and Metaphysical Science. She is a Metaphysical Minister, whose work is informed by her Christian heritage and study and knowledge of the Eastern Wisdom Traditions. She is a Certified Hypnotherapist trained in past life and life between life regression.

Investment:  $ 35.00
Advance Registration Required:,   or call: 410.371.7950



P.S. The group will not meet during August. We hope everyone enjoys their summer vacation!





Wednesday, July 17, 2013

7:00 to 9:00 pm


Monthly Channeling of Martin and Company

with Susan Q. Driscoll




According to the talented and prolific channel, Edgar Cayce, Atlantis was an ancient civilization, a continent-sized land mass located in the area of the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and the Americas.  Atlantis was the first colony for humanity, the origin of the grand experiment merging spirit and flesh.  This great civilization flourished for thousands of years, and it is believed to have been in existence as early as 20,000 years B.C.   It's hallmarks were advanced laser/crystal technology, genetic engineering and a culture based on spiritual awareness and prophecy. For as grand and glorious as its achievements, Atlantis was not infallible.  Corruption, greed and lust led to its fall, which occurred in three major events, spread out over thousands of years.  

Today, many spiritually awakening individuals, have connected with their Atlantean pasts.  Why have we come back today into a society that strikingly resembles Atlantis?  Have we learned our lessons, or are we fated to repeat past mistakes?  Come hear what Martin and Friends have to say about this fascinating chapter in human history.

The monthly gathering of Martin and his cadre of celestial beings, channeled through Susan Driscoll, regularly offers provocative insights and inspiring messages. They have been delighting attendees with inspiration and phenomenal information. You will not want to miss their next monthly installment.


Channel: Susan Q. Driscoll is an Intuitive Channel who has been sharing the messages and inspiration of non local beings for individuals and groups over the past thirteen years. Soul Source is pleased to host Susan's monthly sessions and to share Martin’s compelling messages. Past participants are unanimous in their accolades. Martin and 'friends' never cease to inspire and guide.   


Investment:  $35.00


Registration:,, 410.371.7950





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Soul Source


Joanne Selinske MMsc, PhD, Cht

Proprietress and Certified Hypnotherapist

18015 Muncaster Road, REAR

Derwood, Md  20855

Near: Olney  |  Rockville  | Gaithersburg





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