Sunday, September 6th

10:00 am to 12:00 pm

The Self-Realization Community Gathering

Led by Rev. Carol Richardson

The Self-Realization Community invites you to join us on a journey towards Self-Realization.

We practice integral yoga; a lifestyle which lives and serves in the world, but which practices various forms of yoga to achieve union with the Divine Source of all that is.  We lovingly seek the Source of Truth in its highest forms; following the spiritual principles present at the mystical level of all the world’s great religions.

We seek guidance from Ascended masters such as Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Lady Kwan Yin, and Paramahansa Yogananda, seeking to elevate our consciousness to the highest levels of Enlightenment and Self-Realization.  We also honor angels and Archangels and the service they provide to all life.

During our gatherings we celebrate our One Divine Life with singing, dancing, meditating, praying, learning, giving, and serving.

The Self-Realization Community Vision:

We are a universal community of consciously evolving beings who welcome others to join us on the path of Self-Realization through practicing spiritual disciplines, nonattachment to form, and the embodiment of unconditional Love for all life.

The Self-Realization Community Mission:

To empower one another together on the path of Union with the Divine through choosing to be and to become the Presence of Divine Love, to live by the Light of Divine Wisdom, and to celebrate in the freedom of Divine Laughter.

Specifically, we blend four religious traditions to guide us on our paths:
Buddhism – the path of non-attachment as the path to inner peace and serenity, Vedanta Hinduism – the path to Self-Realization through unconditional love, Judeo-Christian traditions – loving the Divine with one’s whole self & loving one’s neighbor as one’s Self, and Tantra – honoring the Sacred Feminine in harmony with the Sacred Masculine & sacredness in all life.

Our Founder: Rev. Carol Richardson, known as Nonnie, has been blessed by Ascended Masters of various faith traditions to serve as the Guru-Doula whose purpose is to empower each of us to give birth to the Divine within ourselves, individually and together. She is an Ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and holds a Master of Divinity from Vanderbilt University Divinity School in addition to degrees in psychology and public health.

Gathering: At Soul Source 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., light refreshments 11:30 till 12:00

Love Offering Appreciated

For more information: Contact Rev. Carol Richardson, 269-365-8939, (Nonnie), Web site:

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Saturday, Sept 12th

1:00 to 5:00 pm

Tibetan Soul Song Workshop

with Michele Buckley

Michele Buckley, Spiritual Teacher and Founder of Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ and Tibetan Soul Song™, will be offering an experiential workshop that will explore the power of sacred geometry in combination with intention, voice, sound, movement, and visualization for stress relief, self-protection, grounding, personal healing, transmutation, manifestation and connection to the Divine.

Each participant will receive a reading of their own personal Tibetan Soul Song™ mantra as part of the workshop (written out and with the meaning in English) along with drawings and instruction of exercises to use with the mantra.  Each person will be attuned to their Tibetan Soul Song™ mantra inside of a large Tibetan singing bowl with Certified Sound Methods Therapist Karen Porter and singing bowls attuned to the heart and mind.

The workshop will conclude with all participants singing their Tibetan Soul Song™ mantras together as one and ending in OM for an experience that is unparalleled and uplifting.

Participants who have a smart phone are welcome to record Michele singing their mantra via a voice recording app or Michele can record on her smart phone and email it to them after the workshop to facilitate the practice of toning their Tibetan Soul Song™ mantra.

Participants are encouraged to bring colored pencils and/or unscented markers, white paper, a notebook, and an open heart. We ask that no fragrances be worn so as to maintain the purity of the energy for this workshop and out of respect for those with fragrance allergies.  Gluten free vegetarian snacks will be provided for a short break.

Come and join us to learn :

  • how to tone your personal Tibetan Soul Song™ mantra
  • the meaning of their Tibetan Soul Song™ mantra
  • how to use the Tibetan Soul Song™ mantra for meditation, stress relief, self protection, self healing, transmutation, manifestation, movement, and connection to the Divine
  • how to use the Tibetan Soul Song™ mantra with sacred geometry

For more information, please visit
or email Michele at alphatrinitymmb@gmail.comp

Instructor: Michele Buckley is holistic practitioner, gifted intuitive healer, spiritual counselor and spiritual teacher who offers a variety of holistic heart-centered healing and intuitive services to match your personal needs to support your mind, body, and spirit so you can be empowered to live life to the fullest. With her strong connection to the Angelic Realm combined with her natural health and intuitive training, Michele has helped many connect to their angelic guides, obtain physical, spiritual and emotional healing, jump-start their own spiritual growth and healing, and learn how to more easily and specifically handle everyday life challenges.

Michele  is a Certified Natural Health Professional, Reiki Master / Teacher
Certified Angel Card Reader™, Bioridian™ Level II Healing (blend of Cherokee Breathwork and Asian-style healing with selenite crystals) Practitioner,  Certified Perceptive Awareness Technique® (prayer-focused readings) Intuitive Reader, Thought Field Therapy® Practitioner, Certified Crystal Practitioner, Ethereal Crystals Reiki Master, Angelic Intuitive, Crystal Visionary Intuitive, Certified Supreme Science Foundation™ Qi Gong Level I & Level II Healing Form Instructor, Ordained Reverend, and Spiritual Counselor.
She is the founder of Infinite Divine Illumination Healing™ – a new harmonious, integrative healing modality for the body, mind, & spirit – through the guidance of Archangels Michael, Raphael, Raziel, Ariel, Uriel, Metatron, Sandalphon & the Glorious Divine Physician Jesus that can also help facilitate the Ascension process. Michele is also the author of the forthcoming book Infinite Divine Illumination & will be ready in the near future to conduct workshops on the topic.
Michele is also the founder of the Tibetan Soul Song™.  She teaches workshops and provides readings on Tibetan Soul Song™ mantras that help individuals activate their personal soul song mantras to connect more easily to the Divine, gain relief from stress, bring healing into the body, and balance brain activity through the power of their own voices along with sacred geometry.


Investment: $77.00 at the door / $ 67 if prepaid by Sept 10th.   * Register early, seating is limited to 25.


Registration:, 410.371.7950,

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Friday, Sept 18th   FREE Introductory Lecture 7:00 – 9:00pm

Weekend Workshop:

Saturday, Sept 19th   10:00 am- 6:00 pm

Sunday, Sept 20th Workshop 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

The Healing Science of Unconditional Happiness

with James Keeley

Join us Friday evening for an Introduction to the RUH Healing Science of Unconditional Happiness.

The weekend workshop (Saturday and Sunday) is designed to provide you with a personal experience of spiritual healing.  With an emphasis on practical tools and personal breakthroughs, you will be guided in understanding how to apply spiritual healing in your life in a way that creates balance and fulfillment.

Over the two day weekend, you will experience the foundational teachings that form the basis of a RUH life.  A truly fulfilling life is about establishing a Spiritual Lifestyle and not a one-time breakthrough or magic bullet.  These tools apply to each of us regardless of spiritual background or time of life.

You will experience firsthand how life changing this approach can be and are encouraged to bring your most challenging issues for transformation.

Come to learn to:

•   Live from Sacred Intention: When we combine our hearts deepest longings with the life Divine is calling us to live, our intentions become sacred.  It is at this junction of passion and Guidance that we find our purpose and discover our unique personal journey.

•   Develop a Consistently Supportive Daily Practice:  There is a simple yet powerful approach to beginning each day with our body, heart and spirit in alignment. When we finish our daily practice, each time feeling more balanced and fulfilled, taking time for ourselves is no longer a struggle.

•   Resolve painful challenges with the RUH Healing Process:  Having the tools to move through the inevitable obstacles in our lives using only our Spiritual connection is the final piece in the foundation.  You will learn how to apply this process to issues of Health, Relationship, and Work to resolve the stress and pain that are stopping you from achieving the life you are longing to live.

Presenter: James Keeley has been studying spiritual healing since 1995 and is the founder of the RUH Healing Process  This universal approach to healing was developed through synthesizing the wisdom from numerous spiritual traditions with practical counseling applications. He spent ten years as a Faculty member at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism.

Health care practitioners looking to add a spiritual dimension to their practice, individuals seeking personal healing, couples and parents having problems in their most important relationships and people desiring a more intimate and profound relationship with the Divine have all benefited from his practical approach to healing and spiritual development.

As a partner at LionHeart Consulting, James has helped leaders with a passion to make a difference in the world while working in a environmentally sustainable way accomplish their most important goals. His clients have included: Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research, Greenpeace, Powells Books, The Nature Conservancy,  & Sustainable Values Partners

As a husband, father, business owner and world citizen, James appreciates the need for a practical and impactful approach to a spiritual lifestyle.  His commitment to share spiritual solutions to real world challenges is foundational to his work.

Investment: Friday Evening FREE

Saturday and Sunday Workshop $ 195.00

Registration & Transportation:; Scroll down to the separate registration listings for the Friday Evening Free Lecture on September 18th, and for the Saturday and Sunday Workshop.

Register Early, Space Limited to 25

The workshops will begin promptly at 10:00, attendees are welcome to arrive after 9:30 am.

For registration information or to arrange transport from the Shady Grove Metro to Soul Source contact Gail Timmick, 301-980-4445.

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Wednesday, Sept 23 rd

7:00 to 9:00 pm

Monthly Channeling of Martin and Coumpany

with Susan Driscoll

The Autumn Equinox: A Time of Spiritual Harvest

The Autumn Equinox signals the beginning of Fall.  It is the point where there is exactly 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness at the equator.  In ancient times, the Autumn Equinox was cause for a variety of festivals, among them the celebration of the birth of Mabon, the son of Mardon, the Goddess of the Earth.  Most significantly in contemporary times, it is the occasion that marks the harvest.  We appreciate and give thanks for the fruit of our gardens and the labors of life.  What will be in your spiritual harvest basket this season?

Join us for our monthly gathering to hear from Martin and Company. Martin and his cadre of celestial beings, channeled through Susan Driscoll, offer provocative insights and inspiring messages each month. They have been delighting attendees with inspiration and phenomenal information. You will not want to miss their next monthly installment.

Channel: Susan Q. Driscoll is an Intuitive Channel who has been sharing the messages and inspiration of non local beings for individuals and groups over the past thirteen years. Soul Source is pleased to host Susan’s monthly sessions and to share Martin’s compelling messages. Past participants are unanimous in their accolades. Martin and ‘friends’ never cease to inspire and guide.

Investment: $ 40.00

Registration:, 410.371.7950,