Saturday, November 14th
10:00 am to 12:00 pm

A Reconnective Healing Experience
with Jessica Lin, CHt, M.A

Come and join us for an experiential workshop which will both explore and access the powerful frequencies of Reconnective HealingⓇ, a healing at the most pure and basic form, that ushers in the intelligence of the Universe and returns us back to our optimal balance, connectedness, and wholeness.

The workshop opens with a relaxing hypnotic medication, which helps to calm our minds, letting go of stress and tension accumulated during the busyness of life, and enable us to be open and receptive to the healing frequencies transmitted during the workshop.

The next segment of the workshop consists of a brief introduction of Reconnective Healing, followed by a time when each participant will receive a personal Reconnective Healing session (10 to 12 minutes each) in a supportive group setting. You will have the opportunity to describe your experience during the healing session. Don’t be fooled by the length of the session – positive shifts through Reconnective Healing often happens instantaneously, so you are encouraged to have an open expectation about receiving the healing that is intended for you. And whether or not you are on the table receiving the healing, the frequencies of “light and information” we access during Reconnective Healing is very powerful, so that this is a perfect opportunity for everyone to experience and receive, and to witness the healing which unfolds.

About Reconnective Healing:
Reconnective Healing® is of a new paradigm of healing called the “information medicine” which the scientists and researches show that we now have access to. It enables us to access an  expanding spectrum of “light” frequencies, which in turn introduces the “information” necessary for us rebuild, restructure, and return to an optimal state of balance and wholeness.
Reconnective Healing can also be thought of as an invocation to the Divine presence”, inviting healing to areas most needed. What does this mean to us? This means that receiving Reconnective Healing can be a life changing experience, restoring optimal balance whether physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. It also has the amazing ability to help us connect more fully to ourselves, others, the planet, and ultimately, our Source. For more information on Reconnective Healing, please visit:

Facilitator: Jessica Lin, CHt, M.A. is a certified hypnotherapist, Reconnective HealingⓇ Foundational Practitioner, and Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TREⓇ) provider. She has been under the mentorship of Dr. Rick Levy, a pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine and founder of the Levy Methods for Extreme De-stressors of the Mind.

Motivated by her personal journey of healing and growth, Jessica not only understands firsthand what it is like to live with debilitating illnesses, but also sees a life calling to alleviate suffering in those who are hurting and assist her clients, both adults and children, in growing into life with a profound sense of freedom, inner peace, and well-being.

Jessica is deeply rooted in the understanding of the mind-body-spirit  connection and takes an intuitive and holistic approach in her healing work,  which uses highly effective techniques such as clinical hypnosis, powerful hypnotic meditation, Reconnective HealingⓇ, energy psychology, and Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TREⓇ) to help her clients achieve
optimal balance and health in mind, body, and spirit.

Investment: $39 for early registration by Nov 12th, $45 at the door
Maximum Participants: 10

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Wednesday, November 18th
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Monthly Channeling of Martin & Company: Martin Unscripted: News & Views from Universal Source

with Susan Driscoll

Continue your amazing spiritual journey with Martin as he opens new doors for self -discovery and spiritual growth.  This session is unscripted to allow the energies to deliver their messages specifically appropriate for the participants.

Come and be a part of this surprising and enlightening session.  As we move forward, there are new experiences to be had, higher levels of enlightenment and more joy and abundance to share with your kindred spirits.

This type of session has become a favorite among attendees who enjoy the  personal perspective that Martin and Company offer. We don’t think this should be missed, so come out and join us!

Channel: Susan Q. Driscoll is an Intuitive Channel who has been sharing the messages and inspiration of non local beings for individuals and groups over the past thirteen years. Soul Source is pleased to host Susan’s monthly sessions and to share Martin’s compelling messages. Past participants are unanimous in their accolades. Martin and ‘friends’ never cease to inspire and guide.

Investment: $ 40.00
Registration:, 410.371.7950,

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Sunday, November 22nd
1:00 to 4:00 pm

with Bill Sanda

. . . rejoice that your names are recorded in heaven.  (Luke 10:20)

What if you could access the lessons of the past – including the distant past of cellular memories and previous lives?  Imagine how accessing this energy could change your life:  you could resolve recurring patterns and issues; heal long-standing challenges; and even empower future growth!

You can access healing energies through your Akashic Records.  The mysterious Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey.  These Records are non-physical often described as a library, a “universal supercomputer” and even the “Mind of God.”  The information found in the Akashic Records is completely available everywhere, to all beings.  In this dynamic, flowing energy field of the universe, every thought, word and action that occurs in your life is recorded . . . and those records are available to guide you through your present challenges.

Through your Akashic Records, the experiences of your past lives can help you gain new perspectives, achieve healing in your present consciousness, and connect with your eternal Divine Self.  Bill’s unique gift for clearly accessing the healing capacity available from your Akashic Records, and his compassion and clarity are a positive force for anyone who seeks healing.

Please join Bill for a powerful gathering as he explores and explains the healing and clearing power of the Akashic Records.  Bill will offer mini-healing sessions for those in attendance, and close with a group healing.

Presenter: Bill Sanda has been a spiritual seeker for more than three decades, and has studied with some of the most respected spiritual masters of our time.  His gift for bringing the healing energies of the Akashic Records to others was revealed to him years ago and now he offers this service to people as his gift back to the world. Bill says,” I have been blessed to discover my passion and path in life. I have been guided to work with others using this little known, but powerful process for healing. An Akashic Clearing can heal on many levels: emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. I am honored to be granted the ability to share this kind of power with others.”

Investment: $40.00 at the door/$ 35.00 if prepaid by November19th
Register early, seating is limited and Bill sold out during his last two visits!
Registration:, 410.371.7950,