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Sunday, April 12, 2015

10:30 am to 7:00 pm

PATHWAYS Natural Living EXPO

64 Workshops & 142 Exhibitors

Stop by and chat with Soul Source Associates at Booth 80 & 81 to get a sneak preview of upcoming program offerings and services

Join Joanne Selinske at 1:00 pm

Past Lives . . . Future Loves Workshop, in White Oak B Room

Bethesda North Marriott

5701 Marinelli Road

North Bethesda (At Rockville Pike)
Free Parking ~ $10 with Coupon, go to

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Wednesday, April 15th

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Channeling with Susan Driscoll

Time Travel: Where Would You Like to Go?

Time is a construct, created by humans to organize a linear existence in a three dimensional world.  The emergence of the higher energies in the past few years has altered that concept and allowed us more freedom.  As ascended multi-dimensional beings, we have the capability to travel in time, to bend time and to explore other realities simultaneously.

Come hear what Martin and Friends have to say about this intriguing topic. You have heard us say many times that Susan’s monthly channeling is always fun and offers much ‘food for thought’. This session will include experiential exercises that you won’t want to miss.

Join us to travel through time . . .

Channel: Susan Q. Driscoll is an Intuitive Channel who has been sharing the messages and inspiration of non local beings for individuals and groups over the past thirteen years. Soul Source is pleased to host Susan’s monthly sessions and to share Martin’s compelling messages. Past participants are unanimous in their accolades. Martin and ‘friends’ never cease to inspire and guide.

Investment: $40

Registration:, 410.371.7950,

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Friday, April 17th

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Welcome Reception, Talk and TRE® Demonstration

New Soul Source Associate Jessica Lin

Join us to welcome Jessica Lin to the Soul Source faculty.

Come and experience her Introduction to Tension & Trauma Release Exercise TRE® and learn about her Bio-Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy work.

Meet Jessica and others interested in energy healing while relaxing in our oasis and enjoying
light refreshments. Most especially, come to allow Jessica to demonstrate and share some of the healing gifts she brings to her sessions.

Discover as Jessica’s clients have her deeeply rooted understanding and application of the mind-body-spirit connection.

Jessica has begun scheduling private, appointments for Tension & Trauma Release Exercise TRE®, Bio-Energy Healing and Hypnotherapy sessions at Soul Source.

Jessica Lin, CHt, M.A. is a certified hypnotherapist, provider for the Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TREⓇ), and bio-energy healing practitioner.  She has been under the mentorship of Dr. Rick Levy, a pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine, and founder of the Levy Methods for Extreme De-stressors of the Mind.

Motivated by her personal journey of healing and growth, Jessica not only understands first hand what it is like to live with illness and pain, but also sees a life calling to alleviate suffering in those who are hurting, and assist her clients, both adult and children to grow into life with profound sense of freedom, inner peace, and well-being.

Jessica is deeply rooted in the understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection, and take an intuitive and holistic approach in her healing work which uses highly effective techniques such as clinical hypnosis, powerful hypnotic meditation, bio-energy healing, energy psychology, and Tension & Trauma Release Exercises TREⓇ to help her clients achieve optimal balance and health in the mind, body, and spirit.

Investment: Free

Registration:, 410.371.7950,

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Sunday, April 19th and May 3rd

10:00 am to 12:00 pm

The Self-Realization Community Gathering

Led by Rev. Carol Richardson

The Self-Realization Community invites you to join us on a journey towards Self-Realization

We practice integral yoga; a lifestyle which lives and serves in the world, but which practices various forms of yoga to achieve union with the Divine Source of all that is.  We lovingly seek the Source of Truth in its highest forms; following the spiritual principles present at the mystical level of all the world’s great religions.

We seek guidance from Ascended masters such as Buddha, Jesus, Mother Mary, Lady Kwan Yin, and Paramahansa Yogananda, seeking to elevate our consciousness to the highest levels of Enlightenment and Self-Realization.  We also honor angels and Archangels and the service they provide to all life.

During our gatherings we celebrate our One Divine Life with singing, dancing, meditating, praying, learning, giving, and serving.

The Self-Realization Community Vision:

We are a universal community of consciously evolving beings who welcome others to join us on the path of Self-Realization through practicing spiritual disciplines, nonattachment to form, and the embodiment of unconditional Love for all life.

The Self-Realization Community Mission:

To empower one another together on the path of Union with the Divine through choosing to be and to become the Presence of Divine Love, to live by the Light of Divine Wisdom, and to celebrate in the freedom of Divine Laughter.

Specifically, we blend four religious traditions to guide us on our paths:
Buddhism – the path of non-attachment as the path to inner peace and serenity, Vedanta Hinduism – the path to Self-Realization through unconditional love, Judeo-Christian traditions – loving the Divine with one’s whole self & loving one’s neighbor as one’s Self, and Tantra – honoring the Sacred Feminine in harmony with the Sacred Masculine & sacredness in all life.

Our Founder: Rev. Carol Richardson, known as Nonnie, has been blessed by Ascended Masters of various faith traditions to serve as the Guru-Doula whose purpose is to empower each of us to give birth to the Divine within ourselves, individually and together. She is an Ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and holds a Master of Divinity from Vanderbilt University Divinity School in addition to degrees in psychology and public health.

Gathering: At Soul Source 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., light refreshments 11:30 till 12:00

Love Offering Appreciated

For more information: Contact Rev. Carol Richardson, 269-365-8939, (Nonnie), Web site:


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Friday, May 1st

7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Launch of the Past Life Regression Series

with Joanne Selinske

We incarnate time and time again to experience the magnificence of the physical world, to heal old wounds, to serve others, to balance karma and very often to learn lessons of our own choosing. Past life regressions provides rich opportunity to explore these various lifetimes while deepening our understanding of our eternal personality and destiny.
Past life regression utilizes guided meditation techniques to aid in healing disharmony and “dis-ease” in the mind and body. It can provide tremendous insight into behavior patterns that are robbing you of inner peace and joy. In addition to its therapeutic value, it is also used by those pursuing spiritual truths and understanding. Individuals often encounter ancestors, guides and angels, and through these interactions gain reassurance, healing and insight. Occasionally, they travel to other worlds.
We incarnate time and again with the souls who constitute our eternal soul family. They agree in advance to assume major and minor roles in our life, positive and negative. A desire to understand these relationships and the patterns that challenge and perplex often motivate people to explore past life regression. Past life regression can offer insight into unproductive and destructive behavior patterns for those working to enhance significant relationships.
During this exciting workshop series, Joanne will guide you on incredible journeys to explore the limitless boundaries of your mind and soul. Through hypnotic regression you will be guided to answer and more fully understand questions that weigh heavily on our hearts and minds.
Do you wonder:

  • Who are you?
  • Who you were in your past lives?
  • Where do you come from? Why you are so different than your siblings?
  • How do your past lives connect to your present life?
  • What is your life purpose?
  • How do you overcome patterns that create pain & suffering and rob you of joy?
  • Do you want to know more about soul mates and soul family?
  • How do you make sense of relationships that challenge,defy logic or fixing?
  • Are you curious about reincarnation or merely want to experience a past life?

If so, join us for these experiential evenings. You will gain understanding of your past lives and your eternal personality and soul family as you experience past life regressions.

Bring your own cushion/yoga mat, pillows and blankets to the workshop as you will want to be as comfortable as possible.

Past Life Regression Series

Session One: Friday, May 1st
Experiencing Past Life Regression

Session Two, Friday, May 29th
Past Lives ~ Future Loves

Session Three, June 19th
Many Lives, Many Lessons ~ Putting It All Together

Attendance at all three sessions is NOT necessary. However, those who attend all three sessions will gain a deeper understanding of how their past is influencing their present.
Bring your own cushion/yoga mat, pillows and blankets to the workshop as you will want to be as comfortable as possible.

Presenter:  Joanne Selinske is a spiritual counselor and hypnotherapist whose practice is geared to those seeking emotional and spiritual transformation.
Joanne’s spiritual regression work includes past life & life between lives regression, transpersonal journeys, quantum consciousness, angel and spirit guide connection and spirit releasement. Her spiritual counseling focuses on assisting those who are struggling with anxiety and stress, low self-esteem and lack of confidence, and the demands and expectations of daily life.

Through both her hypnotherapy and spiritual counseling she assists clients to understand and change destructive patterns and relationships, uncover their life purpose and destiny, to connect with their higher self, and to experience relief, increased joy and inner peace.

Joanne has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and Family Studies, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Metaphysical Ministry and a Doctoral degree in Transpersonal Counseling . She is certified by the Weiss Institute in Past Life Regression and The Newton Institute in Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy. She is currently completing certification requirements with the Institute for Quantum Consciousness.

Investment: Attendance at all three sessions is NOT necessary.

$   45  at door for each session

$   80  for two of three part series if prepaid by May 1st

$ 110  for entire three part series if prepaid by May 1st

Registration:, 410.371.7950,

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Saturday, May 2nd

10:00 am to 1:00 pm

An Introduction to Working w/Sacred Flame Holograms

with Sherry Dmytrewycz

Join gifted healer Sherry Dmytrewycz to experience the healing power available from  what she describes as “THE most powerful tools” that she has found for self-healing and for working with others.

The Sacred Flame Holograms are pictorial representations of 3Dimensional Sacred Geometry and the Sacred Flames. They are powerful, transformational tools which bring in just the right frequencies needed to take your personal healing beyond levels previously experienced.  They bring through the Divine energies that locate and dissolve limitations, pain, suffering and the struggles of life. Amazing results have been experienced using these Sacred and unique Holograms.

The Sacred Flames are the Divine Energies of Source manifesting through Divine Attributes like Love, Harmony, Purity, Wisdom, etc. We were each created through the Sacred Fire and carry the 3 Fold Flame of God within our hearts with the energies of Divine Love, Wisdom, and Power. The Sacred Flames are the Master Powers of Life that the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Cosmic Beings of Divine Light work with. When we are manifesting, we also are using the power of God within.

Attend this workshop for a basic introduction on how to work with these amazing tools. The Sacred Flame Holograms are a must-have for those doing energy healing or wanting to clear and spiritually expand as much as possible.

Snacks and tea will be provided.

Presenter: Sherry Dmytrewycz is a gifted and dedicated medical intuitive, as well as a conduit for a variety of energy healing modalities. She has studied energy healing with many master teachers including: Rosalyn L. Bruyere, Shelby Hammitt, Ken Page, Brugh Joy, and Wanda Lasseter-Lundy. In addition, she has studied Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Spiritual Restructuring (SR) with Dr. Robert Detzler. She is an ordained Minister in the Order of Melchizedek, a ministry devoted to teaching and/or healing the Human Condition.

Sherry believes that we can heal ourselves, but that we can also benefit from assistance in recognizing and releasing thought patterns or habits that are keeping us from moving forward in our lives. Sherry receives information from Spirit in a variety of ways. She is empathic (understands another’s situation, feelings, and motives), clairvoyant (sees objects or events not perceived by the senses), clairsentient (feels things not normally felt by most people) and clairaudient (hears Spiritual communication outside the range of normal perception). Her intuitive skills often give her a look at the inner organs of the body and the emotional base causing the body to be out of balance.

Investment: $ 40.00

Registration: or or call Joanne at 410.371.7950 or Sherry at 877.534.5534

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Saturday, May 2nd

1:30 am to 4:30 pm

Pro-Spirit-Y Workshop – Creating Abundance of Wealth and Wisdom with David W. Sohn

Two old sayings that are often used in politics and advertising are “follow the money” and “vote with your dollars.”

Would you like to know how to optimally use such a powerfully creative tool as money?  First, you must understand two very different things: what money really is and where you want to go in life.  In this Pro-spirit-y playshop, we will explore both of these apparently separate, yet completely interrelated arenas.  You will learn that what you call “my money” is really “my spiritual understanding.”  Let’s create an abundance of wealth and wisdom!

During this experiential workshop, we will discuss our extant beliefs about money and discover most of them are wrong.  Then we engage the real meaning and thus the true power of money.  By examining the lies of scarcity surrounding money and truth about credit we can completely change our relationship with money.  We can then learn the pro-spirit-y of prosperity.  The beauty of this workshop is once you discover the real meaning and power of abundance… there is always enough.

In addition to these I teach a basic workshop about the chakra system, a basic course about healing with sounds and color and a course about working with crystals.  I am a Reiki Master and teach Reiki and do attunements.

For additional information about David W. Sohn’s The Body Memory Process, please visit
Facilitator: David W. Sohn is a gifted and multi-talented metaphysical healer, teacher and author. He is a Reiki Master and Reiki Teaching Master, a trained Rebirther, a Channel, a Past Life Regression specialist, a light and sound therapist, and has guest appeared on radio and on local television. In addition, he was trained by multi-national corporations to teach self-help courses, and then designed unique processes for these trainings. His own near-death experience at age fourteen opened him to the world beyond the physical and expanded his already recognized psychic abilities.

He is author of Escaping the Labyrinth a groundbreaking work that sheds light on the childhood vows you made as the result of powerful personal experiences during your pre-logical young life; vows which govern you as an adult until you explore and address each of these decisions. His Body Memory Process is a refreshing shift away from the popular temptation to blame adult limitations and failures on our parents and society by putting the power and process to change in your hands!


$   79  at door

$   70  if prepaid by May 1st

Registration:, 410.371.7950,