Wednesday, May 17th

7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Honoring the Sacred Feminine Energy

Channeling with Martin and Company

with Susan Driscoll

The Sacred Feminine is that mysterious source of all life, the wellspring of creation. It is the feminine force that births both male and female forms and contains both yin and yang. It is the portal between the worlds of physicality and spirituality. In this month when we honor Mothers, come hear channeled insights on this dynamic life force.

Join Martin and friends to hear about the Divine Feminine and to enjoy another lively and provocative exchange with our nonlocal associates and teachers!

Channel: Susan Q. Driscoll is an Intuitive Channel who has been sharing the messages and inspiration of non local beings for individuals and groups over the past thirteen years. Soul Source is pleased to host Susan’s monthly sessions and to share Martin’s compelling messages. Past participants are unanimous in their accolades. Martin and ‘friends’ never cease to inspire and guide.

Investment: $40

Registration: Registration:, 410.371.7950,

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Saturday, June 3rd

    And 6/10, 6/17, 6/24, 7/8, 7/15

10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Launch of 6 Week -New Life Weight Loss Workshop

with Jessica Lin

Join Jessica for this 6 week series designed to create a spiritual shift in the ways you feel about food, eating and yourself.

When you eat, which part of you is eating? Is it the anxious, stressed part of you, the lonely, sad you, the angry you, or the peaceful, self-loving you?

Starting June 3rd, we will spend 6 weeks together to heal and nurture the part of you which were vulnerable to over- and binge eating, and awaken/strengthen the peaceful, joyful, and self-loving part of you, enabling you to make choices and habits conducive to your ideal health and ideal weight.

This is not just a weight loss program (although weight loss will be an end result) — this is a process where we fully engage in our own growth and evolution, awakening the perfect self within, and in the process drops the false conditions (such as the excess weight and related health conditions) which no longer serve us.

We will meet weekly starting on Saturday, June 3rd, ending on July 15th (no session on July 1st). Every session is infused with relaxing yet powerful hypnotic meditations and insightful coaching, along with demonstration of techniques for overcoming food craving and sugar addiction.

As a bonus, participants will also have access to highly effective hypnotic meditation recordings and practical mindfulness eating worksheet, as well as private Facebook group support, altogether giving you the support you need to ensure success in achieving your idea health and weight

Presenter: Jessica Lin, M.A., C.Ht is a certified hypnotherapist and energy healer, who comes from a lineage of Taiwanese indigenous shamans and healers. With her extraordinary experience overcoming debilitating illnesses and generational trauma, she embodies the essence of intuitive, empathic, and compassionate healing in her work.
Jessica has been under the mentorship of Dr. Rick Levy, a pioneer in the field of mind-body medicine, and has an active healing practice here at Soul Source. She now extends her healing practice to create transformation in those who struggled with weight and self-defeating patterns, so that there is peace, self-love, and freedom to achieve healthy weight, healthy body.

Investment: $ 395.00 Per Person, bring a friend at $360 each [$720] total. Register early, class size limited.
Registration:, 240.593.0038

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

1:00 – 5:00 pm

Healing thru Your Akashic Records

with Bill Sanda

. . . rejoice that your names are recorded in heaven. (Luke 10:20)

What if you could access the lessons of the past – including the distant past of cellular memories and previous lives? Imagine how accessing this energy could change your life: you could resolve recurring patterns and issues; heal long-standing challenges; and even empower future growth!

You can access healing energies through your Akashic Records.

The mysterious Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. These Records are non-physical often described as a library, a “universal supercomputer” and even the “Mind of God.” The information found in the Akashic Records is completely available everywhere, to all beings. In this dynamic, flowing energy field of the universe, every thought, word and action that occurs in your life is recorded . . . and those records are available to guide you through your present challenges.

Through your Akashic Records, the experiences of your past lives can help you gain new perspectives, achieve healing in your present consciousness, and connect with your eternal Divine Self. Bill’s unique gift for clearly accessing the healing capacity available from your Akashic Records, and his compassion and clarity are a positive force for anyone who seeks healing.

Please join Bill for a powerful gathering as he explores and explains the healing and clearing power of the Akashic Records. Bill will offer mini-healing sessions for those in attendance, and close with a group healing.

Presenter: Bill Sanda has been a spiritual seeker for more than three decades, and has studied with some of the most respected spiritual masters of our time. His gift for bringing the healing energies of the Akashic Records to others was revealed to him years ago and now he offers this service to people as his gift back to the world. Bill says,” I have been blessed to discover my passion and path in life. I have been guided to work with others using this little known, but powerful process for healing. An Akashic Clearing can heal on many levels: emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual. I am honored to be granted the ability to share this kind of power with others.”

Investment: $45.00 Register early, seating is limited and Bill sold out during each of his previous visits to Source!

Registration:, 410.371.7950,

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