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I am Joanne Selinske, founder and proprietress at Soul Source. I am passionate about your well-being and your path to spiritual fulfillment.

This soul space is my way of sharing experiences and reflections of my journey of discovery and to showcase the services I provide for others who likewise are seeking emotional and/or spiritual transformation. I encourage you to join me as you work to cultivate balance, harmony and serenity in your life; to make room in your heart for gratitude and grace; to realize your destiny and most importantly to rediscover your divinity. Along the way, I promise that you will no longer feel alone as you balance the demands of daily life with your inner yearning for peace, love, unity and joy.

Like sages and mystics throughout the millennia, I understand that life is eternal. Like you, I carry this belief without complete understanding of the higher power that orders the Cosmos. Like many, I seek full realization of our interconnection to All-That-Is.

Like many contemporaries in the integral spiritual movement, I am committed to helping you live your spiritual beliefs in order to discover personal serenity, achieve interpersonal harmony and contribute to global peace. I see stillness, silence and meditative practice as key components for our personal growth, enhancement and the gateway to enlightenment. My own meditation practice has created the information by-way for conversations with soul and opened up the doorway for reunion with Source.

My Front-Story

In 2006, I retired after a three decade long career as a social welfare executive and advocate for human rights and safeguards. I was proud of my many years of service to those in need of care and protection.

I had the privilege to work with people in communities around the globe. Regardless of the life circumstances and conditions in which they struggled, I found that people everywhere sought personal peace and loving and satisfying relationships based on mutual respect and regard. Their faith in a force greater than humanity provided comfort and hope even as they coped with extreme deprivation, loss and harrowing life circumstances. I discovered in the wreckage of relationships and life calamity the essence of the human spirit and was inspired to share this wisdom with those on the path of self-discovery and transformation. I realized that I wanted to channel my concern and energy in a different way. I wanted very much to become a part of the human potential movement and to be an agent of personal transformation.

A decade earlier, while enjoying time off in between jobs I realized I was on a spiritual sabbatical.  My interest in social and emotional factors expanded to include the spiritual forces that shape human behavior. I had long ago stretched the paradigm of my early Christian heritage through study of Eastern Wisdom Traditions.

Before long the mental constructs that I viewed the world also underwent major reconstruction. I found the need to augment my earlier Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and Family Studies with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Metaphysical Ministry and a Doctoral degree in Transpersonal Counseling in order to better comprehend the interconnected nature of spirit and mind.

I am a Hypnotherapist certified by the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association. I am certified by the Weiss Institute in past life regression and The Newton Institute in life between lives hypnotherapy.

In essence, I became a seeker of truth and wisdom and in this seeking I came to understand the soul.

My Back-Story

The short version of my back-story my friends is that my soul had a plan! It was different than the one that I had made for my life. And, wow was I surprised!

While I busily and hurriedly went through the business of life, my soul re-calibrated my direction and executed a mid-course correction. It’s not like I woke up one day and boom I had planned a new life. No, it was more gradual and subtle.

Well O.K. – one day I did wake up to find that my external world looked very different.

During my first career I had great fun speaking about our external world to diverse audiences whether in a workshop or plenary setting or on radio or T.V. Now, I have great joy teaching others about the interior world — how to differentiate between external worth and intrinsic value, how to cultivate balance, peace and joy and most excitedly how to experience Source in everyday living. Instead of authoring dozens of professional articles and chapters on dry, dull topics as I did in the past, now I am publishing my first spiritual book and writing a blog on the wonderings and wanderings of the soul!

I am immersed in discussions about the nature and eternal lineage of our soul and how this enriches our life experience. I guide folks on transpersonal/spiritual journeys to higher realms to secure guidance from their higher self, to re-experience and release past lives and to sojourn to the life between lives. Now I host spiritual teachers and holistic practitioners who offer programs for you at Soul Source. But, despite its beauty and comfort, our Soul Source oasis can only fit several dozen people at one time. And even with an active schedule, one can only facilitate a limited number of transpersonal journeys in a day. And so, Wanderings and Wonderings of the Soul was birthed to share wisdom gleaned from the experiences and insight of fellow seekers on the path.

Like you, the rest of my back-story is a work in progress. Like many of you, the plan my soul has for this life continues to unfold. On a good day, I hold on tight and enjoy the ride. On a less than good day, I feel as if it was easier to pin the tail on the donkey blindfolded! I laugh as I write this, knowing that many tears have been shed playing this game of life – engaged in this lila.

Perhaps you too have shed a tear or more. Perhaps you are wondering what fork in the road-of-life lies ahead for you and worry in advance which direction you might choose. If so, than come along with me on what promises to be a journey of discovery. Oh and to make sure you can keep calm on your personal journey of discovery, sign-up to receive my free meditation – Journey to the Place of Peace and Tranquility.

Enjoy yourself . . . enjoy this play of life. And while you do, join me on your journey of discovery! Take a look at the services I offer and hear what others have said about their value facilitating emotional and spiritual development. Perhaps one of them will facilitate your journey. . .

My Services and Client Testimonials

During our work together, I challenge you to imagine what your life will be like when you connect directly to your highest self and come to understand your divine nature! Imagine what it would be like to allow your highest self to show the way to balance, harmony and bliss.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Metaphysical Minister and Transpersonal Counselor, I work with you to align your inner world with the outer experience you wish to have in daily life.

We accomplish this through a number of different modalities.


Here is what others’ have said about the impact of these services:

To have the opportunity to travel back and glimpse one’s past life is extraordinary! I am now able to better understand my life’s course. I appreciate the understanding I gained from the sessions about how my past lives affect and intersect with my present. The sessions have helped me focus on how I live my life and how the decisions I make affect my life’s path. I am now more committed to living my life to its fullest potential with enthusiasm and focus. Everyone should be so lucky to have this opportunity to see their life’s path and gain a better understanding of how the decisions we make can be aligned to help one attain a wholeness of self, if you will. I am now fully committed to living my life to its fullest potential with enthusiasm and a oneness of spirit and mind. The experience is simply priceless!


I had the privilege of working with Joanne for a Life Between Life experience. I found it very comfortable and easy to go into a pleasant healing state of deep quiet … technically known as hypnosis. It surprised me that it was easy. With the expert guidance and feeling of safety I had with Joanne, the conscious mind quickly gave way to the super conscious and I was able to experience a journey that offered me a glimpse of who I am in an expanded way. I take from this experience a sense of self confidence and a greater understanding of where we go beyond this time on earth. There is no doubt that everyone will have their own unique experience, however, Joanne has the caring, attention, and knowledge to facilitate this magical opening.


I am very fortunate to have had Joanne as my therapist to guide me on my quest for personal expansion through soul work. I felt very comfortable and trusting under Joanne’s expert guidance. The soul-brain connection, soul travel between lives and life between lives work has enhanced my personal spirit work and my healing energy work with others at a higher dimension. I am confident that anyone who chooses Joanne to be their therapist for soul work and especially for the Life Between Lives experience, will experience profound personal expansion and healing. Joanne is an exceptional and gifted therapist and I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with her.


My life-between lives sessions was so enlightening! Being a person that has struggled with my perceived confines of organized religion vs. my personal experiences & truths of spiritualism, I was quite surprised (and comforted) that my session included a lovely walk with Jesus on the beach. Additionally, I set the intention to find out specifically why I was drawn to certain things in my life, and that question was well answered. I also received an understanding to an underlying theme in my life in regards to thematic personal relationships. Having recently been diagnosed with PTSD, and having spent a good amount of time trying to figure out exactly what that stemmed from; in this session I learned that I came to my current life earlier than recommended & therefore carried the energetics of PTSD from my last life as a soldier in the Vietnam War. Since then, my symptoms have greatly improved. If more people would consider that current issues may stem from unresolved past life issues, I think we would have more healing in the world! Just wanted to thank you for the session – from visiting past lives, to receiving insight from my time in the womb, to my beach walk with Jesus, to exploring a Masonic temple & finally meeting the counsel of advisors, it was an amazing experience that I am still gleaning wisdom from each time I consider it. Thank you for your amazing work & contribution to this aspect of our lives; I know that you will provide a lot of insight & healing to many.


So if you are like Susan, Mindy, Sylvia or Karen and are seeking the path to greater balance, harmony, and joy consider joining me on your journey of discovery! Take your next step and click on the link below!  Joanne

Join me on your journey of discovery!


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