Project Description

Both Joe and Peggy Gentile are attuned Karuna Reiki Masters in the Usui tradition. Peggy is also experienced in Eden Energy Medicine and Healing Touch. Joe has been called by Spirit to play the didgeridoo, an ancient shamanic instrument, and is one of a very few practitioners worldwide who have successfully accomplished a fusion of didgeridoo and Reiki healing.<!–more–>

Joe and Peggy have studied the works of Gregg Braden and the Institute of HeartMath and have been inspired to create a Coherence Exercise intended to bring about desired changes in the lives of listeners, with affirmations entrained to the vibrations emanating from planet earth and the human heart. When practiced regularly, this exercises increases positive feelings and enables practitioners to form new and powerful beliefs that will enhance the quality of your life. Joe’s Renewal provides practitioners with material for continuing at-home reinforcement and healing.