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Past Life Regression Counselor Joanne Selinske


I am Joanne Selinske, founder and proprietress at Soul Source.

I am an author, teacher, spiritual counselor and hypnotherapist specializing in past life and life between lives regression.

I am pleased to announce that my latest book Awakened Soul: Discoveries of Healing, Self-Love and Spiritual Growth will be available December 2021.

Awakened Soul takes the reader beyond the understanding of the healing power of past life regression and spirit communication introduced with Weiss’ Many Lives, Many Masters and furthered through life between life journeys in Newton’s Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. It guides readers to an even deeper understanding of how past life traumas shape false beliefs that fuel common challenges to loss, forgiveness, doubt, self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-care and self-love. Read more . . .

It joins my earlier books Wisdom of Souls (2019) and Llewellyn’s Little Book of Life Between Lives (2018) which I co-authored with my three Michael Newton Institute Research colleagues, Ann J. Clark, Karen Joy, and Marilyn Hargreaves.

Wisdom of Souls explores the insight that souls glean during their journeys to the inter-life during spiritual regression. Through the dozens of case histories you will learn how others have learned to cope with long standing life challenges.

The book is dedicated to Dr. Michal Newton who died in 2016, and whose seminal works Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls led thousands to pursue life between lives hypnotherapy.

Wisdom of Souls and Llewellyn’s Little Book of Life Between Lives offer yet another way for me to help you pursue your spiritual goals.  Learn More

Your Eternal Identity and Journey

I am passionate about your well-being and personal development. I challenge you to imagine what your life will be like when you connect directly to your highest self and allow it to guide your future. I encourage you to join me as you work to cultivate balance, harmony and serenity in your life; to make room in your heart for gratitude and grace; to explore your eternal nature and to realize your destiny and most importantly to rediscover your divinity.

Along the path of discovery and personal development many of us consult with others to discover how best to fulfill our desire for inner peace or to achieve a state of well-being. I invite you to join me on your path to personal and spiritual fulfillment. Along the way, I promise that you will no longer feel alone as you balance the demands of daily life with your inner yearning for peace, love, unity and joy. To read more about me and my philosophy.    Learn More

We are eternal beings traveling through time. The journey itself is satisfying enough for many. For others there is a desire to understand the nature of the individualized soul and its connection to the Source — the mystery we name God.     Learn More

Serenity, harmony, tranquility, unity, equanimity, bliss, well-being, health and wellness as well as self love and acceptance, inner peace, joy are desired by most. Embarking on a spiritual path is one way to fulfill these aspirations.    Learn More

As a Certified Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Counselor, I encourage you to examine your life, your behavior and your relationships within the context of your eternal nature. I work with you to align your inner world with the outer experience you wish to have in life. I help you to achieve peace in your daily life so that you may achieve harmony and serenity.

We accomplish this using a number of different modalities. Life Between Lives® and Past Life regression facilitates emotional and spiritual transformation. Quantum Consciousness and Transpersonal Journeys are means of traversing the superconscious to better understand current and future potentialities.  Collectively, these experiences are invaluable for those looking to connect with their higher self to in order to resolve past-lives, to uncover life purpose, to explore soul plans and sacred contracts and to underst1and soul mate and soul family relationships. For those wishing to integrate these or other experiences, spiritual integration counseling to bridge your everyday world with an understanding of your eternal nature and life is available.

Join me to connect with your highest self in order to effect permanent change in your life through:

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is the method for accessing recollections from earlier lifetimes enabling exploration of your eternal soul memories. Through recollection and resolution, one can achieve healing and closure on the events and circumstances of the past that are interfering with one’s current life and relationships.    Learn More

Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy® (LBL) is a technique for journeying to the time between lifetimes – often referred to as the inter-life. It is based on the groundbreaking research of Michael Newton, Ph.D., author of the best-selling books “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls” and editor of “Memories of the Afterlife.”    Learn More

Quantum Consciousness

The quantum consciousness technique is based on Peter Smiths ground work  “Quantum Consciousness — Expanding your Personal Universe” distinguished for its intersection of spiritual and quantum perspectives. It is a means of re-experiencing the vastness of our consciousness — reminding each of us that we are more expansive than we commonly know ourselves to be. As Peter notes “We exist in many places, forms and dimensions in unison. The exploration of these different aspects of ourselves brings profound healing, deep wisdom and a changed perspective on what reality truly is.”    Learn More

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling assist clients who seek to bridge the contradictions and challenges inherent in our simultaneous existence in the duality of the material and spiritual realms. The goal of Spiritual Counseling is to unite the intentions of the egoic personality with the highest self – a means of advancing both emotional development and spiritual growth. This is the route to inner peace and harmony, balance and equanimity. This transpersonal counseling approach helps clients to understand and resolve the challenges and difficulties that they are experiencing within the context of the plan their soul crafted for their current life time.    Learn More

Transpersonal Journeys and Spirit Releasement

Transpersonal journeys are a means of connecting to your higher self and its eternal nature & experience. They provide a way to explore the invisible world that we concurrently inhabit. These forays into the nonphysical realm of consciousness allow us to experience that vaster dimension of self, to engage with guides and other advanced spiritual beings, to connect to other members of our soul family or to release of  spirit attachments.    Learn More

Soul Source ~An Oasis for Transformation

Soul Source is a center based in the D.C. metropolitan area that offers a unique combination of spiritual discovery and tools for transformation & holistic healing. Our services promote wellness, serenity and joy; and are explicitly designed to help you discover that you are the instrument of your own peace and well-being.

Our services are designed to eliminate the barriers to your well-being and the encumbrances on your spiritual journey. Our program offerings are designed to guide those embarked on journeys of discovery and transformation or along their spiritual path. We help you to gain insight about the life situations that impede inner-peace, cause anxiety and stress, rob confidence and self-esteem. Cultivating stillness, equanimity & calm is the best counter-balance for the ever-growing demands of daily life.

Soul Source hosts metaphysical and spiritual teachers, alternative healers, intuitives and channelers who offer readings, groups and workshops. Workshops and seminars educate, inspire and motivate you to advance along your path — to awaken to higher consciousness. Groups keep you informed and connected with like-minded seekers. These offerings are designed to address varied interests as we understand that there is no single path of discovery followed by those pursuing emotional or spiritual transformation. Click to see the Calendar of Events.

Soul Source is an indoor oasis, set amidst tranquil surroundings that will transport you from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine. Upon arrival, your mood will immediately shift, readying you for healing, reflection, learning and uncommon dialogue with others who like you are ready to sculpt a future of harmony, well-being and tranquility. Click to take a virtual tour and gather details about our location and opportunities for space rental.

Join me at Soul Source! Retreat to our oasis as you journey on the path of discovery, personal development and fulfillment.  Joanne


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