gunbatimi_masaustu_arkaplan_resimleri_sunset_desktop_wallpapers_tree_of_life_north_devon_england230-1280x800I know many people who seek to be enlightened and who desire to live in an enlightened society, not surprising in my various roles at Soul Source.  Some have reached the point in realization where they discover that a major impediment is the personal ego with its never ending striving and its countless attachments.

We look on with dismay and disgust at the ego excess of greed, victimization, exploitation, violence and war that seems all too pervasive.  As we ourselves struggle to keep our own ego in check, is it any wonder that the collective ego of the planet’s 7+billion inhabitants could manifest such awfulness?

Dr. Leon Masters, Founder and CEO of the International Metaphysical Ministry and President of the IMM University System, offers some provocative thoughts on the matter:

“. . . in an enlightened society occupied by enlightened souls . . . personal ego identity would not exist. The mind would be considered a channel through which Universal Consciousness would be expressed. All members of an enlightened society would know themselves to be individualized expressions of some unique attributes of the Universal Whole, Universal Presence/Mind/Spirit – or God.

Souls incarnating into such a society would not have to be taught about the relationship to the Universal Whole or Presence, for they would incarnate with a knowingness of their Reality. They would incarnate not to serve temporary rules, but to be consciously co-creative with Universal Presence. . . .”

His words capture the enormity of the challenge without dashing our hope that someday the collective will manifest ‘heaven on earth.’ For eons the ego has ensured that humanity survived and now it seems that the ego has decided that humanity must thrive. Bringing the matter closer to home – think of how difficult it is to rein in your own ego.

We learn at an early age of the importance of a strong sense of self (ego).  We are programmed to build a future for ourselves (ego) – often with the explicit proviso to ‘get ahead’ (of other egos).  And in our corner of the world where survival and abundance are now guaranteed, the ego has added being entertained to its list of ‘must haves.’

None of this is inherently bad, but all of it taken together has the effect of encumbering the birth of an enlightened society. In light of this, I wonder if heaven on earth is beyond our reach or have merely shelved it for some unspecified future time.  Is our own quest to be enlightened burdened by the very life gifts that fill our lives — comfort, joy, sustenance, health?  Blessings that strengthen our sense of self and in so doing reflect universal consciousness like sun rays thru a crystal prism.

Can we collect these refracted light rays?  Can we re-identify with the Essence? Do we have the strength and will to do so?  If so, the enlightened society, the ‘heaven on earth’ that we so desire, is within our reach. . . .



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