I recently hosted James Keeley, developer of the RUH spiritual healing process, at Soul Source and was moved by his many inspirations; his thoughts on forgiveness gave me great pause.

‘Forgiveness is not possible until you realize that you are more than the part of you that has been injured.’

I’m sure each of you has lists of transgressors who have yet to be forgiven. Is your list of those needing forgiveness short or is its length weighing you down? James reminds us that forgiveness is more about the forgiver than the one who awaits forgiveness and ironically not even care to be forgiven. It’s about how we define ourselves. Do we see ourselves from a narrowly cut prism of injury and pain or have we managed to put whatever suffering, betrayal, harm or disappointment into a broader context of growth and understanding? Do past transgressions consume us, eating away at us day-by-day, piece by piece; or have they taught us about ourselves and offered a deeper understanding of the struggles of humanity?

As many of us know, without a capacity for forgiveness one can never truly be free – free of the pain, unburdened from the sorrow of whatever happened in the past. In fact, it’s not an exaggeration to say that until we find forgiveness we are carrying around the weight of that pain and stuck in the hurtful past. By dragging the pain from the past into the present we are actually giving it fuel to live on!!!

For certain some hurts, some transgressions are HUGE, but so is the burden of carrying them forward into the future. And when we allow the hurts and the pains to cast a shadow on us, our days are diminished – not the days of the one who caused the original hurt to begin with.

James is right to hold up a mirror and encourage us to take a careful look at ourselves and what is stopping us from reaching the place of forgiveness. For sure we are more than the part of us that has been injured. We are multi-faceted beings here in the Earth School to experience, to learn, to grow, to heal, to balance, to serve and ultimately to rediscover our divinity. Finding the path to forgiveness not only frees us but is guaranteed to make the journey more enjoyable and successful.

I am pleased to note that James Keeley will return to Soul Source in the spring – dates will be posted in the Soul Source E Calendar of Events.

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