I finished a very moving client session recently in which I witnessed a soul’s realization that love is never gone. She’s a brave and courageous soul who chose to understand how it is that mutual love may not be realized but nonetheless — love is never gone.

She chose to dive into the grief and pain of loss and came to discover that the love she cherished in this lifetime has been enjoyed, nurtured and even lost during prior lives. In the process of healing she came to understand how we travel thru time with soul intimates who agree to play crucial roles in the plan we craft for each lifetime. Even more profound, she came to understand that the lessons, healing or balancing that frame our souls’ plans outweigh and often preclude ‘happily ever after’.

This is a much easier concept to understand intellectually than it is to emotionally accept. It requires trust and a belief that no matter how searing the pain of loss is, there are lessons embedded in the sorrow and healing to be achieved. The healing I speak of here is not limited to the immediate recovery from unrequited love. It is healing that the soul longs to resolve from previous life times, the yearning for balance or completion of what was left unresolved in the past. Ultimately, what those who are courageous enough to search for truth and understanding in the past discover is that love of self has often been a missing ingredient.

Each time we incarnate, our soul intimates — be they lovers or partners, family or friends — have agreed to help us achieve our soul’s plan. Their agreement is based in their eternal love for us, whether they assume a completely loving and nurturing role in our life or assume a role that causes heartache and pain. The wisdom we seek is very often embedded in relationship challenges with these very souls.

On the surface this realization may not seem comforting. But for those who have unraveled failed relationships with an understanding of their place in our souls’ plans, much comfort is to be found. For to embed relationship challenges and loss into a soul plan not only requires courage and strength but it reflects a deep understanding that love never dies – love is never gone.

On the drive home from this client session I put on Josh Groban’s Stages Live CD. Halfway through one of the songs a phrase jolted me to attention – love is never gone! The song “What I Did for Love” now echoes. []
It’s a beautiful expression of what most have experienced:

“Love is never gone
  As we travel on
  Love’s what we’ll remember”

The combination of the incredible session that had just ended and these beautiful lyrics reminded me that once a heart is open it can never truly close. I was reminded of loves ended and pains long since healed, of lessons learned even as goodbyes were uttered, and most importantly of the mistake of looking outward when looking and loving inward was the lesson to be learned.

A love may be seemingly lost, forgotten or shelved but the absolute truth is that love is eternal — love is never gone!

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