lavender-intertwined-hearts-hiYou left us today and we are forced to say goodbye. Our hearts are aching despite the fact that we knew this day was near. You’ve taken a piece of our hearts – hearts we so lovingly entwined over these many years . . . these many decades.

Our only comfort is the knowing that this is not a ‘forever goodbye’. You have journeyed to our eternal home where those who left before have awaited their reunion with you. And like them, we know that you will await our reunion at some unspecified future time.

Your life has touched so many, countless in fact. People you never knew personally were helped through your leadership, advocacy and decades of service. Your connection to the broader world was your compassion for the circumstances of others. You led a life inspired by a belief that we are all one – the cauldron of humanity.

Understanding that today would come; you and I made a pact of how our souls would communicate once you had to go. Remember our laughter as we discussed what might be the best way ‘to call-up’. Despite superficial doubts, you conceded the bigger point – that soul connections are never lost, that there are no ‘forever goodbyes’.

So here I sit, allowing the news of your passing to sink into my every pour. You’re no longer physically present to comfort me as you have countless times before. In the immediate future, your sage advice and counsel will be delivered through other channels.

Underneath the tears and sadness is a deep knowing that the love that we have shared predated this lifetime and will bind us forever more. For we know deep in our souls that there are truly no ‘forever goodbyes”. All my love . . . Joanne

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