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Joanne is the author of Awakened Soul: Discoveries of Healing, Self-Love and Spiritual Growth and the co-author of Wisdom of Souls and Llewellyn's Little Book of Life Between Lives. She is founder and proprietress of Soul Source a spiritual center serving the mid-Atlantic region. She is a spiritual counselor and hypnotherapist, certified by the Brian Weiss Institute in Past Life Regression and The Michael Newton Institute in Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy. Her practice is geared to those seeking emotional and spiritual transformation with emphasis on past life regression, life between lives regression, spiritual regression including transpersonal journeys, Spirit Guide connection, quantum consciousness and spirit releasement therapy. She teaches "soul planning" to audiences interested in uncovering their true life purpose and origin of false beliefs, understanding relationships with soul mates and other members of their soul family, and decoding their soul's intention relative to - healing, learning and balancing karma. She is an author, most recently on topics related to soul planning and our divine essence.


Love – it’s everywhere this week or at least one is left with that impression. If you opened the weekend paper you couldn’t help but notice that almost every advertisement featured love this week – flowers, cards, candy, and even red kitchen appliances! Turn on the television and similar sales pitches abound — ‘show […]

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Beauty and Peace

Snow is falling and the world outside my window has been silenced at least long enough for me to contemplate with wonder and humility the magnificence of this beautiful earth, the serenity it offers and the beauty and peace that lies within.

Each snowflake perfectly formed – concurrently encapsulation beauty and peace within itself. If […]

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Sliding Doors

The movie Sliding Doors is a must see whether you are looking for holiday entertainment or getting ready for winter hibernation. And while you are tucked in, kicking backing and sipping your hot chocolate you will be entertained as well as provoked to look at the turning points in your own life in a […]

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The LIGHT Within

Celebrate this season of light by recognizing and reveling in the LIGHT within.

Millions of people around the world have begun the annual celebration of Christmas – the gift of Christ Consciousness; while others commemorate the Winter Solstice, Chanukah or the presence of Buddha or Krishna Consciousness. It is a time for deep reflection and […]

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We are on the verge of gathering for our Thanksgiving celebration — a time when most in our culture press the PAUSE button to gather to acknowledge the many blessings that we enjoy and to express our gratitude.

Some have traveled to join family and friends while those separated by great distances will connect through […]

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Source of the Realization


Two great Sufi leaders and teachers inspire us to break through the grand illusion of duality to discover the truth of our existence and the source of the realization.
“The source of the realization of truth is within man; he himself is the object of his realization”. Hazrat Inayat Khan
The elaboration on this essential truth […]

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Cosmic Motion Picture

I  admit, my last blog post – Cosmic Motion Picture — calls out for amplification, so consider this Cosmic Motion Picture part two.

Easier said than done, you’ve scoffed! How can I possibly detach from my life you have wondered? Believe me when I say that I am quite familiar with the wide range of […]

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Patience is too often in short supply!!  I have to admit that this is a virtue which I don’t have an abundance of and on a bad day I never seem to have enough. Perhaps you too have been feeling that the number of situations that demand patience of you seem to be on […]

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Holding On

Let’s be honest, holding on through dark and troubled times can be incredibly difficult. The last time I felt besieged by the weight of life and its predictable disappointments, positive thoughts floated off like clouds on the distant horizon – recognizable but beyond reach. Each time I got close to holding on to one, […]

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I am frequently asked by students and clients “what is the purpose of life”, my answer in a word – EXPERIENCE. Pir-O-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan in a Bowl of Saki expresses this more eloquently, “life is an opportunity given to satisfy the hunger and thirst of the soul”.

Often this answer is followed by a […]

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During Susan Driscoll’s most recent channeling of Martin and Company at Soul Source Martin reminded us that “all wisdom is birthed in silence.” He went on to say “all sacredness is shrouded in silence”, a phenomena experienced by those who visit holy sites. Most importantly, Martin reminded us that it is in the silence […]

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For the longest time I couldn’t utter the word God, even silently. Not because I thought God was dead as some headlines clamored nor because God had failed to live up to false hopes or expectations that I wrongly conceived. No, it was because my sense of God was much bigger, much grander than […]

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