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Joanne is the author of Awakened Soul: Discoveries of Healing, Self-Love and Spiritual Growth and the co-author of Wisdom of Souls and Llewellyn's Little Book of Life Between Lives. She is founder and proprietress of Soul Source a spiritual center serving the mid-Atlantic region. She is a spiritual counselor and hypnotherapist, certified by the Brian Weiss Institute in Past Life Regression and The Michael Newton Institute in Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy. Her practice is geared to those seeking emotional and spiritual transformation with emphasis on past life regression, life between lives regression, spiritual regression including transpersonal journeys, Spirit Guide connection, quantum consciousness and spirit releasement therapy. She teaches "soul planning" to audiences interested in uncovering their true life purpose and origin of false beliefs, understanding relationships with soul mates and other members of their soul family, and decoding their soul's intention relative to - healing, learning and balancing karma. She is an author, most recently on topics related to soul planning and our divine essence.

Freedom to Exercise Free Will

This is Independence Day Weekend – the time when many of us pause from our all too busy lives to celebrate the nation’s independence and the freedom to exercise free will that it affords.

In addition to the traditional markers – family picnics, parades, fireworks, weekends away at the beach, mountains or similarly restful and […]

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Change — It’s Inevitable

Change – it’s inevitable!

We are reminded by Eckhart Tolle that “Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in you life for something new to emerge.” I recognize this as truth, real wisdom, but I must admit there have been times when I was not […]

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I guess it is no surprise given my age that so many people I know are caring for aging parents and other loved ones who are in the process of moving on – some might say getting ready to ‘cross over’ or ‘go home’. As many of us know this is often an incredibly […]

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Cycle of Rebirth

Someone recently asked “what does spring mean to you”; after a brief pause I answered it is the cycle of rebirth. And then I realized, perhaps because I am currently rereading Dr. Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls, that the seasons mirror our own cycle of rebirth through time eternal.

The nature lovers and gardeners amongst […]

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Many Lives Affording Many Lessons

Each of us is blessed with many lives affording many lessons. Do you wonder about the past lives that you have lived? And if so, do you wonder whether your past is oozing into the present?

From the perspective of those of us who believe in reincarnation and/or who have re-experienced past lives or journeyed […]

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My Window into Eternity Opened

My window into eternity opened recently amidst a fairly typical and common experience and I was overcome with tears of joy.

I had the pleasure of reuniting with a colleague who had become a friend. Time, distance, career change and an ocean had intervened to separate us. On the surface it would seem to most […]

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You Are A Soul Having A Human Experience

You Are A Soul Having A Human Experience
Perhaps you have heard and agree that you are a soul having a human experience and wondered about the implications.

If you accept that you are a soul having a human experience, you are more able to see the brilliance behind how the divine plan is unfolding in […]

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Imagine the Infinite

Imagine the Infinite
Can you imagine the Infinite? Do you grapple with the idea of ‘life eternal’?  Do you understand your place in the cosmic ocean?

These are big questions for certain – but questions which many ponder? For me, these questions are enlivened by the glorious photos, made possible by the Hubble and other space […]

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Stroke of Insight

Stroke of Insight
By now you may have already seen Dr Jill Bolte Taylor – on TED, You Tube (below), Oprah or in some other thought forum or read her provocative book “My Stroke of Insight”.

For those who may not, I offer a little background.  She  is a brain scientist who was working at the […]

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Consciousness Survives Death

Consciousness Survives Death
In order to seriously consider reincarnation, past lives, life between lives or eternal life one must accept that consciousness survives death — a big idea yes, but one which is becoming easier to grasp and more difficult to refute. More on why in a bit. . .

For some time, Western thought and […]

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Cloud Atlas Life Lessons

Cloud Atlas Life Lessons
In Cloud Atlas life lessons are provocative and offer much ‘food for thought’! If you haven’t seen it, you should.

Intermittently, a work of art is created that does justice to the complexity and profundity of life; the movie Cloud Atlas does just that and more. It exemplifies the progression of inter-related […]

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The Prayer

The Prayer
Amidst this season of holidays and time of merrymaking I hope that you will take some time for quite reflection, meditation and prayer. I share a contemporary favorite of mine.
The Prayer  ~~   Carole Bayer Sager & David Foster

I pray you’ll be our eyes
And watch us where we go
And help us to be […]

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