Friday, May 28th

7:00 – 10:00 pm

Group Past Life Regression

with Joanne Selinske

Recalling Victorious Lifetimes

This regression will focus on recall of victorious lifetimes — ones in which your talents, gifts and acuities served you well and were recognized.

Too often people downplay or forget what might fortify and help them to remain strong and steadfast during times of change and uncertainty. Our tendency when seeking growth is to focus on ‘what needs to change’. This session will center on what needs to surface — the strengths that propel you forward during good times or bad.

Many know that we incarnate time and time again to experience the magnificence of the physical world, to heal old wounds, to serve others, to balance karma and very often to learn lessons of our own choosing. In addition, we come to find the path to joy and peace.

Past life regressions provides rich opportunity to explore these various lifetimes while deepening our understanding of our eternal personality and destiny.

If you have been considering a past life regression but are not sure you are ready to commit, this group experience will allow you to sample this powerful healing technique. Joanne will guide you on an incredible journey to explore the limitless boundaries of your mind and soul enabling you to glimpse into your past lives and interact with your eternal self.

Presenter:  Joanne Selinske, Co-Author of Wisdom of Souls and Llewellyn’s Little Book of Life Between Lives, is a spiritual counselor and hypnotherapist whose practice is geared to those seeking emotional and spiritual transformation.

Her new book Awakened Soul: Discoveries of Healing, Self-Love and Spiritual Growth will be available this autumn.

Joanne’s spiritual regression work includes past life & life between lives regression, transpersonal journeys, and spirit releasement. Her spiritual counseling focuses on assisting clients to understand their patterns of belief, feelings, behavior and relationships.

She is certified by the Weiss Institute in Past Life Regression and The Newton Institute in Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy.

Her email is

Investment:  $ 55

Registration: To receive the log in credentials, please pre-register and pay the day before the session or directly to PayPal at

You will receive an Intake Form which gives me permission to do a past life regression. If you already completed one for a prior session, another is unnecessary.

The form must be returned in order for you to participate. Please do not pay before completing and returning the form.

You will receive log in information on the afternoon of the session. Occasionally, Zoom places the email in your JUNK BOX.

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Mondays, June 7, 14 and 21

7:00 – 8:30 pm

Channeling Martin & Company, with Susan Driscoll

Atlantis Rising:  A New Look at an Ancient Civilization

A Three Part Series

According to the talented and prolific channel, Edgar Cayce, Atlantis was an ancient civilization, a continent-sized land mass located in the area of the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and the Americas.  Atlantis was the first colony for humanity, the origin of the grand experiment merging spirit and flesh. 

This great civilization flourished for thousands of years, and it is believed to have been in existence as early as 20,000 years B.C.  Its hallmarks were advanced laser/crystal technology, genetic engineering and a culture based on spiritual awareness and prophecy. 

For as grand and glorious as its achievements, Atlantis was not infallible.  Corruption, greed and lust led to its fall, which occurred in three major events, spread out over thousands of years.

Today, many spiritually awakening individuals have connected with their Atlantean pasts.  Why have we come back today into a society that strikingly resembles Atlantis?  Have we learned our lessons, or are we fated to repeat past mistakes?

In this three part channeled series we will look at Atlantis’s evolution, destruction, and present day meaning.

Investment: $ 75

Registration Deadline: Friday, June 4th by 5:00 pm.

To register, please email

Payment can be made in three ways:  1). via PayPal, 2).  By check sent to 9316 Judge Place, Montgomery Village MD 20886, 3).  Call 301-977-4536 to pay be credit card. 

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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

7:00 – 8:30 pm

Channeling Martin & Company with Susan Driscoll

Summer Solstice

Celebrating the summer solstice is one of the grand traditions of humankind, dating back to ancient civilizations. Come join Martin and Company to discover what the Solstice brings for the upcoming summer season.

As a major celestial event, the summer solstice results in the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The Celts and Slavs observed the first day of summer with dancing and bonfires to help increase the sun’s energy. The Chinese marked the day by honoring Li, the Chinese Goddess of Light. The Druids honored the day as the “wedding of heaven and earth.”

Dial in to hear Martin’s words of wisdom, his insight and his strategies for co-creating with this powerful energy from the Source. Those who have joined us before know well that Martin and Company are always informative, provocative and entertaining.

Investment:  $25

Registration Deadline: Tuesday, June 15th by 5:00 pm. 

To register, please email

Payment can be made in three ways:  1). via PayPal, 2).  By check sent to 9316 Judge Place, Montgomery Village MD 20886, 3).  Call 301-977-4536 to pay be credit card.