My ‘To Do’ List Needs Pruning

Like anyone who takes the time to read this, or more likely, those who don’t even have enough time to read this, my ‘To Do’ List needs pruning!!!  One might think that it is the extra demands of the holiday season that put us over the top with commitments but I think the problem […]

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Gratitude for Blessings


A time for gratitude for blessings !

Here we are again, on the cusp of Thanksgiving. It is one of the few times that our culture presses a collective PAUSE button to gather in earnest with hearts filled with gratitude and awareness of our myriad blessings.

My list of things to be grateful for remains virtually unchanged from year to […]

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Stages of Transformation

To those on the spiritual path, the inspiration of Don Richard Riso and Russ Hudson on the stages of transformation offers encouragement.

I wish I could say that I am the author of the brilliance that follows but instead offer thanks and acknowledgement to Riso and Hudson, The Wisdom of the Enneagram. I will simply […]

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Cultivate Joy and Delight

I recently came across a short yet profound reminder in Annie Kagan’s The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. She was quoting her brother Billy who prompts us to recall  “People spend lots of time on things that make them unhappy – too much focus on the sand in the oyster. To cultivate joy, pay attention […]

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I recently visited friends in my hometown – Jersey City. As I walked from the subway to their home, the new World Trade Center peered from across the Hudson River.

At first glance, it took my breath away — at once stately, massive, and determined while simultaneously serene. I found myself transfixed. Initially memories of […]

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Doorway to Serenity

Jack Fusco’s Home At The Shore Vimeo aka Doorway to Serenity

Summer ends, the beach is deserted, fall creeps in while billions of stars stand witness. A lone figure sits peering into the heavens – full of wonder longing to find peace.

The star filled sky is an anchor, much like the sun. Both can be […]

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Life Purpose

This blog was posted by my colleague and fellow Newton Institute Life Between Lives facilitator Marcus Sorensen. It is fabulous and captures the incredible experience of a Life Between Lives session. For additional posts by Marcus, follow him at http://www.marcustravels.net  If you would like to schedule a Life Between Lives hypnotherapy session, please call Joanne at 410.371.7950.
“Sitting in the spring sunshine of California, in the hills somewhere behind San Francisco, I wonder to myself: “Is this really real?” The boundaries of reality had been shaken almost beyond recognition over the previous four hours. Shaken is perhaps not the right word – more stretched and reshaped to a point where they could never contract back to the shape they once had.

In physics, there is a concept known as Young’s Modulus, which I learnt about once upon a time at construction school. It relates to the elasticity of a material, and how it regains its original shape after being stretched. However, there is a point where a material is stretched so far that it loses its elastic ability, and cannot go back to the shape it previously was. It snaps, breaks, cracks.

That was me, following Young’s Modulus, forever changed. My notions of life, death, time and space were broken, and the sunshine on my skin felt like a new dawn.

The setting was a course for experienced hypnotherapists in the art of Life Between Lives Regression, taking clients back to the time they are in soul form between
their incarnations.

Maybe a small pause here to allow that notion to settle. . . .

Soul form. Between incarnations.

It was organized by the Newton Institute, founded by Dr. Michael Newton, author of “Journey of Souls” and several other books with detailed research on the Inter-Life, based on more than 7000 client case studies. At the beautiful San Damiano retreat, attentively run by Franciscan monks, the last five days had been spent exploring the ways to take clients deep enough into theta brainwave state to access their SuperConscious mind, where their “soul memories” are stored, learning the lay of the land in the world of souls, discussing the potential and implications of this work on a global scale… Changing the world, one soul at a time.

My teacher-mentor appears in front of me, making me squint at first as the afternoon sun is right over the hills behind him, but then he positions himself attentively so his silhouette shields my eyes from the bright golden rays. He asks how I am doing, and how my life will be different now.

I have so much to say and no words to describe it. […]

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Love of Oneself

“As I began to love myself I freed myself of anything that is no good for  my health – food, people, things, situations, and everything that drew me down and away from myself.  At first I called this attitude  a healthy egoism. Today I know it is “love of oneself”. ”

“As I Began to […]

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The year draws to a close. . .

For me New Year’s is a time to stop, take a breadth and remind oneself of all the wonderful things to be thankful for. I love life, my family and friends. I love this world with all its blemishes and promise yet to be fulfilled.
As I listened […]

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A Day For Gratitude

The local guests have headed home while the out of town guests have retired upstairs for the evening. The house has returned to blissful calm. This most special day draws to a close.We have enjoyed yet another Thanksgiving – drawn together in love. For those who gathered today with family and friends we have been reminded of our many
blessings, the freedom to assemble where ever and with whomever we please. […]

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Miracles Happen

It’s been several days since I stepped back in the realm of time within which our day to day activity takes place. For close to a week, I was transported to a realm where time and place seem to merge together. Little did I know when I registered for a week-long training to refine my skills in past-life regression with Brian and Carole Weiss that I would experience and witness countless miracles!

For those who have taken part in an Omega Institute experience, you will not be surprised that, from the start, my week seemed choreographed from the higher realms. […]

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Starting Your Own Conversations with God

Do you know that you can dialogue with Source – have your own conversation with God? Does this sound like a crazy idea? Perhaps you are of the mindset that only gifted psychics have the capacity to communicate beyond the world of the three dimensions, to reach into the Akashic field. Or, are you one of the many who have listened to the ongoing conversation within your own mind and wondered to whom the second voice belongs? If you have, then you have already begun conversation with Source and can begin to build on your access to universal consciousness. […]

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