So Grateful . . .

We are on the verge of Thanksgiving — a time when most in our culture press the PAUSE button to acknowledge the many blessings that we enjoy and to express our gratitude.
Traditional celebrations are being altered by many in hopes of staying safe during the pandemic. And although we may be separated from family […]

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Have you been lucky enough in life to be inspired by someone, I mean deeply inspired? Has someone you’ve known and perhaps loved altered the course of your life – changed it for the better because they have inspired you? Many of us are blessed to be loved by family and friends, far fewer […]

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I found out today that someone who touched my soul has died. I hadn’t seen him in years but no matter. The news made me cry.

Jack touched so, so many lives in his seven and a half decades on earth. Life is so much better for the beneficiaries of his vision, passion, dedication, hard […]

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Soul’s Journey

I was recently asked what accounted for my decision to shift career focus onto the soul’s journey to merge in the oneness of SOURCE. While it was neither an immediate nor pain free transition, once it occurred I found the greatest delight in thinking, meditating and talking to others about our respective soul’s journey […]

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