I am extremely fortunate to have the second-hand benefit of my clients’ pursuit of inner peace. My role as escort and facilitator affords regular opportunities for me to journey with them through the realm of timelessness – a place of inner peace, stillness and unity.

I recognize how unusual my job description is, as well as the paradox created by ability to usher others to this place of tranquility even when peace and stillness intermittently are beyond my own reach. Those pursuing the spiritual path are similarly mindful of the benefits of achieving inner peace and acutely aware of how beyond reach it might seem at any moment in time given the events in their outer life.

Sometime ago, I was facilitating a spiritual regression for one of my clients. We set out with the intention of uncovering past life correlates to her current day challenges. Like so many others, she struggles with acceptance and love. A struggle that is so prevalent that it seems almost epidemic.

As happens often, she revisited a prior life hundreds of years ago that spawned false beliefs that she was unworthy of love. The understanding that her soul had chosen to release these falsities by resurfacing them in her current life dwarfed the particulars of time and place. As a more spiritually mature soul, she is now in a better position to have them resurface. This time around she has availed the assistance needed to reconcile and replace them.

Witness only to what she would convey when in trance, I would only later conclude how skilled her guide was in orchestrating the perfect balance of healing and insight. Her journey through the realm of timelessness had left her with a deep knowing that she happily shared with me after coming out of trance:

“At the core of my being is a spacious place where peace fills the silence and there is nothing to judge.”

She experienced the bliss of unconditional acceptance and love and realized that this is her eternal state of being. This powerful experience reminded her of what she had long forgotten – that she is a spark of the Divine.

Perhaps you have forgotten your divine essence? If so, I hope her words echo. . .