Interlife Journeys

Interlife Journeys are ventures into the higher realms of awareness including other worlds that may be your historic home. Like other spiritual hypnotherapy, an Interlife Journey affords an opportunity for you to connect to your soul, your higher self and see your current and past lives from the viewpoint of your eternal awareness.

They differ from Life Between Life sessions in number, length and preparation. An Interlife Journey is scheduled as a single session. And, unlike an LBL, a past life regression is not a prerequisite.

During these sessions some people recall salient memories of the time between lives. You may encounter members of your soul family and study groups and engage with them whether they are still on Earth or they have transitioned. You may discover what activities occupy your time when you are between lives. Or you may gain insights about the plans your soul made for your current lifetime and how that is connected to prior lives.

Many engage with their spirit guide(s) during sojourns into the Interlife. These conversations tend to be rich with wisdom relevant to current challenges be they physical, mental or spiritual.

Are you among those who have felt for a long time that you don’t fit in or that you don’t understand life on earth? Some people discover in these sessions that Earth is not their home planet. They journey back in their memories to why they chose to incarnate on Earth. In some cases, they discover that they have an important mission in the process of Earth’s transformation and how it will impact life in the rest of the Cosmos. Insight and inner peace are what they take away from these session.

To prepare for the session, you decide on a small number of questions that you hope to have answered during the session. You may want to understand patterns that no longer serve. You may wish to excavate false beliefs that cause heartache. Or you may hope to acquire clarity about their soul’s intention for their lifetime. It is up to you to decide what insights you hope to gain to set your intention for the session. Like all spiritual hypnotherapy, it is best to accept that the higher beings may have set their intentions for the session as well.

Many report that the value of these sessions is the coming together of the practical insights that they glean from the experience with the remembrance of their eternal nature, and the powerful connection to the Divine.

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We are eternal beings who set off eons ago to explore the vastness and richness of the physical and astral worlds. Discoveries await through our journeys beyond.

Joanne Selinske