My Commitment to Act Locally, Reach Globally

Long ago I learned that while each of us has a local address, all of us are capable of having a global impact.

Each of us has the capacity to contribute to inter group harmony, and prosperity – foundational conditions to global peace. Each of us can be an instrument of peace. The energy of our actions and intentions reverberate outward. Without traveling to distant places, we can affect the lives of people around the world. We can act locally and reach globally. Through our actions we become pebbles of peace. Acting on these beliefs, we donate 5 percent of Soul Source’s program income to micro-enterprise initiatives in developing nations. Donated to FINCA ~ the Foundation for International Community Assistance, funds are funneled to communities in Asia, Africa, India and Latin-America.

I am committed to global action that will enable people to support their families and build communities in which they can thrive.  In my earlier internationally work, I witnessed first hand how lives, families, futures are transformed with relatively small investments. Close to 50% of the world’s population lives on $2.50 or less a day according to the World Bank. In many developing countries, most citizens earn their livings through self-employment, creating and operating their own tiny businesses. Without financial services to fuel growth, the poor cannot grow small enterprises into businesses that help them escape poverty. Micro-finance refers to financial services, such as small loans, provided to low-income people, usually to help support self-employment. These services help families to start and build “micro” enterprises, the very small businesses that are important sources of employment, income, and economic vitality in developing countries around the world. (Source – FINCA International).

If you share my view in the oneness of life; if you share my commitment to universal peace, justice, compassion and humanitarianism; if you agree that by building bridges of understanding, humanity can realize the interconnectedness of all life; if you understand that we are one people, one with Spirit, one global community — join us as we act locally while reaching globally.

Why I created Soul Source

When I incorporated Soul Source several years ago, I crafted a purpose statement that rings of formality; after all I had spent three decades working to influence public policy. I sought:

To unite in recognition of our unity in Spirit, with awareness that every human being is endowed with an immortal soul which has the power to heal, liberate and transform individuals, communities, institutions and the global society; and that direct experience of this is the basis for the end of suffering and for universal peace, justice, compassion and humanitarianism.

To engage in dialogue, worship and cross-cultural celebration of Spirit that is the unifying foundation of the world’s wisdom traditions.

To honor this belief by healing, educating, liberating and transforming individuals, families, communities and institutions.

To encourage and promote initiatives that build supports that foster health of mind-body-spirit, and linkages that unite people globally who are dedicated to universal peace, justice, compassion and humanitarianism.

To provide an environment for contemplation, meditation, energy healing, intuitive guidance, spiritual direction, counseling, other healing that advances understanding of mind-body-spirit.

My goal was simple while significant – to assist you on your personal path to health, joy and harmonious relations in hopes that we can shape the fate of our shared destiny. We are after all, one people, living in one global community, born of one massively beautiful, intelligent and conscious energy – the mystery named God. Together we can transform our hopes and dreams into individual actions and group practices that prevent “dis-ease”, promote health and foster harmony within small and large groups.

What beliefs shape Soul Source Offerings

I believe the integration of mind-body-spirit is the foundation of individual health and serenity.

I recognize our unity in Spirit — the intelligent force that creates all life, the mystery called God and know to many as Source, Spirit, Cosmic Consciousness, All That Is.

I understand the eternal nature and oneness of life.

I concur that by building bridges of understanding, humanity can realize its oneness and come to respect and appreciate the interconnectedness of all life.

I understand that we are one people, one with Spirit, one global community.

I am committed to universal peace, justice, compassion and humanitarianism.

I believe that we can act locally while having a global impact; sharing the abundance, beauty and love that blesses our lives.