The services  I offer are focused on your emotional and spiritual development. I challenge you to imagine what your life will be like when you connect directly to your highest self and allow it to guide your future, when you cultivate balance, live in harmony, and understand your eternal nature.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, Metaphysical Minister and Transpersonal Counselor, I work with you to align your inner world with the outer experience you wish to have in daily life.

We accomplish this through a number of different modalities.

Here is what others’ have said about their experiences:

To have the opportunity to travel back and glimpse one’s past life is extraordinary! I am now able to better understand my life’s course. I appreciate the understanding I gained from the sessions about how my past lives affect and intersect with my present. The sessions have helped me focus on how I live my life and how the decisions I make affect my life’s path. I am now more committed to living my life to its fullest potential with enthusiasm and focus. Everyone should be so lucky to have this opportunity to see their life’s path and gain a better understanding of how the decisions we make can be aligned to help one attain a wholeness of self, if you will. I am now fully committed to living my life to its fullest potential with enthusiasm and a oneness of spirit and mind. The experience is simply priceless!


I had the privilege of working with Joanne for a Life Between Life experience. I found it very comfortable and easy to go into a pleasant healing state of deep quiet … technically known as hypnosis. It surprised me that it was easy. With the expert guidance and feeling of safety I had with Joanne, the conscious mind quickly gave way to the super conscious and I was able to experience a journey that offered me a glimpse of who I am in an expanded way. I take from this experience a sense of self confidence and a greater understanding of where we go beyond this time on earth. There is no doubt that everyone will have their own unique experience, however, Joanne has the caring, attention, and knowledge to facilitate this magical opening.


I am very fortunate to have had Joanne as my therapist to guide me on my quest for personal expansion through soul work.  I felt very comfortable and trusting under Joanne’s expert guidance. The soul-brain connection, soul travel between lives and life between lives work has enhanced my personal spirit work and my healing energy work with others at a higher dimension. I am confident that anyone who chooses Joanne to be their therapist for soul work and especially for the Life Between Lives experience, will experience  profound personal expansion and healing.  Joanne is an exceptional and gifted therapist and I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with her.


My life-between lives sessions was so enlightening!  Being a person that has struggled with my perceived confines of organized religion vs. my personal experiences & truths of spiritualism, I was quite surprised (and comforted) that my session included a lovely walk with Jesus on the beach. Additionally, I set the intention to find out specifically why I was drawn to certain things in my life, and that question was well answered. I also received an understanding to an underlying theme in my life in regards to thematic personal relationships. Having recently been diagnosed with PTSD, and having spent a good amount of time trying to figure out exactly what that stemmed from; in this session I learned that I came to my current life earlier than recommended & therefore carried the energetics of PTSD from my last life as a soldier in the Vietnam War. Since then, my symptoms have greatly improved.  If more people would consider that current issues may stem from unresolved past life issues, I think we would have more healing in the world! Just wanted to thank you for the session – from visiting past lives, to receiving insight from my time in the womb, to my beach walk with Jesus, to exploring a Masonic temple & finally meeting the counsel of advisors, it was an amazing experience that I am still gleaning wisdom from each time I consider it. Thank you for your amazing work & contribution to this aspect of our lives; I know that you will provide a lot of insight & healing to many.