Life Between Lives ® Hypnotherapy (LBL) is a technique developed by Dr. Michael Newton for journeying to the spirit world – often referred to as the after-life or inter-life. In this unfiltered soul state, you access soul-based memories, view your current and past lives through the soul’s eternal perspective and peer into daily life in the eternal realm. The deep trance state facilitated by the hypnotherapist enables you to re-experience soul memories that are otherwise hidden from normal waking consciousness. A Life Between Lives session is aptly described as peering into the window of your soul’s eternal journey.

Why seek a life between lives regression?

Do you wonder?

  • What is the purpose of life, and specifically the purpose of your own life?
  • What lessons am I to learn in this life-time?
  • How can I break this pattern of behavior that causes me such pain?
  • Why can’t I seem to heal this emotional wound?
  • Why do I have this condition?
  • What are these relationships trying to teach me?
  • Why do these things keep happening to me?
  • Will I ever meet my soul mate?
  • Why is life so hard – what is the point of all of this suffering?
  • What happens after we die?

Life Between Lives hypnotherapy enables you to communicate with your higher self, share its eternal perspective and formulate answers to these important questions.

How does it Work?

To explore soul based experiences and memories one must travel beyond the subconscious to access the super-conscious – the soul state. The LBL, also referred to as spiritual regression, enables one first to transcend identification with one’s physical incarnations and then to bridge physical incarnations and connect with immortal life in the spirit realm.

As with other hypnosis, a session begins with relaxation and visualization that enable the body to still and the mind to quiet enabling focused concentration on journeying back through time. However, because Life Between Lives requires a deep state of trance, this phase of the session is lengthier than other hypnosis sessions.

Once you are in this deeply relaxed state, you are guided through pleasant or neutral childhood memories then back into womb for your first encounter with your higher self. Next you are guided back through the tunnel of time to you most recent past life, transitioning through the death scene and into the spirit world. There is no need to worry that you will re-experience any pain or trauma, the review of your past life death will be from a perspective of your higher self. Once in the inter-life, your explorations of your souls’ experiences comprise the balance and majority of the session.

Your LBL session is a collaborative venture. Your soul leads you to the experience you are ready to have and allows you to see what you are ready to see and understand.  As the facilitator of your LBL session I guide you on journey, fully acknowledging that your session is directed from the level of spirit.

What will I Experience during an LBL Session?

Reconnection to the soul state brings peace, joy and experience of absolute and unconditional love! There is a commonality of experience while at the same each person’s LBL session is different because each soul is unique and on its own eternal journey; approaching the session with an open heart and mind and without specific expectations is best.

A soul newly returning to the inter-life is typically welcomed ‘home’ by loved ones, meet with spirit guides and other wise beings to explore soul lessons in an atmosphere devoid of judgment and replete with acceptance and unconditional love. These spiritual beings guide and encourage us as we work to accomplish evolutionary goals that we have set for ourselves.

Clients learn about the detailed plans their soul made for the current lifetime and come to understand why certain people and situations come into one’s life. One learns about the sacred contracts that were made with members of their soul family to assume specific roles in the upcoming life – the one the client is presently living. Clients may discover their soul names, the name of their spirit guide, or why they selected their current body type as they come face to face with their eternal soul character and personality.

Some tour beautiful gardens, massive libraries, healing temples and learning centers, discovering the myriad activities that engage souls engage in the inter-life. While others experience the work they do when in their eternal soul state and visit with soul mates and other members of their eternal soul family. Still others receive energetic clearings and activations that facilitate emotional and spiritual healing.

Most agree that the most significant aspect of an LBL session is the time they spend conferring with elder spirits and teachers who know us intimately and eternally. It is often at this point, that one learns the answers to the profound questions that motivated LBL exploration. You can trust that you will receive precisely the information that you currently need during your LBL session.

For nearly all, an LBL session is extremely profound and produces positive life changes – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Clients uniformly report a greater clarity about who they are as immortal beings and a deeper and expanded sense of the meaning and purpose of their current life experience. In addition, the experience helps to develop resiliency for coping with life challenges.  The transformational nature of the experience cultivates a greater sense of understanding and acceptance, serenity and peace, forgiveness and harmony, unity and love.

About Your LBL Session

My Life Between Lives hypnotherapy is based on the life long work, extensive research and training of Dr. Michael Newton along with the combined experience of those of us trained in this work through The Newton Institute.

Your journey to the Life Between Lives has two separate hypnosis sessions;  a past life regression session and a full LBL session. Although many will have experienced a past life regression before, it is important that we establish a rapport and that you are comfortable with my regression method.   This important step enables me to see how you respond to hypnotherapy and various regression techniques. During this session, you and I will explore some of the significant past life material that will be the ground work for the longer and deeper LBL session.

Here are some details about the LBL sequence.

Session 1 begins with an Intake Interview and then moves into a Past Life Regression. It last approximately three hours. Before your first session, I encourage you to begin preparing an autobiography, if you do not like to write, a bulleted list is ample. This is an important means of honoring your life and milestones both positive and challenging.

Before we close the first session, we will discuss how to approach preparation of the questions you hope to have answered in your LBL.

For your life between lives session prepare a list of questions that you would like answered during your session by your spirit guide, teachers or by the council of wise beings. Your draft questions will be sent to me the week before your LBL session.

In addition, prior to your LBL, you put together a “cast of characters” – the list of a dozen+ people with whom you have or have had significant a relationship this lifetime. This list should include their names, relationship and a brief notation about their character. This list is send to me before your LBL.

Session 2 is the Life Between Lives® Regression. It last four hours. The questions you hope to have answered direct the session.

Finally, it is important that you advise me about particulars in your history and/or current treatment that might affect your hypnosis; including prior difficulty with hypnosis, medications affecting your ability to concentrate or your frame of mind, emotional trauma or psychiatric care. We can discuss these when you call to schedule your appointment. 

Schedule both days to allow ample quiet time after your sessions to reflect on the experience. While emotionally and spiritually uplifting, the sessions can leave you feeling physically exhausted. You will most likely desire time for introspection after the sessions are over. I recommend that you set the entire day aside to provide sufficient time for reflection and rejuvenation.

Session Comfort:   Wear lose comfortable clothing. Eat beforehand while limiting your intake of caffeinated beverages the day of your regression. If you are traveling from another city for your session, ensure that you have ample opportunity to rest and refresh before your session.

Session Recording: Although you will recall the particulars of your PLR and LBLs, having recordings of your sessions are invaluable.  All sessions are digitally recorded and I will transmit them to you for your personal use for future study and analysis.

Cost of Sessions:   Click here for the schedule of fees for Life Between Lives regression and other hypnotherapy services.
Cost of Sessions


Visions of the afterlife lie within each of us as a sanctuary while we travel the maze of Earth’s pathways.

Michael Newton