Nurturing Your Soul in the New Year

Nurturing the soul is important for our physical and emotional health and our spiritual growth and an important aspect of our soul’s plan for this lifetime.

Soul plans often include lofty aspirations. And as these plans unfold, many of us become preoccupied with the excitement, frenzy or drama that unfolds. But these noble goals ambitions can soon obscure the need for us to nurture our soul. Despite the fact that most, if not all of us, yearn for this very thing.

There is no better time than now to reconcile what your soul wants for your lifetime with ego-personality preoccupations, be they family, friends, romance, careers or hobbies.

We often speak about self-care, make and implement plans to keep our bodies healthy and in shape, our minds sharp, and our emotions from going ‘off the rails.’ There are several practices that are good for both our body and health and concurrently nurture the soul – yoga and meditation top the list.

But less often, do the plans we make in life include strategies for nurturing the soul. It may be because we silently assume that there is no rush. After all, we are eternal beings. But in truth, this perspective misses a big point – when we nurture our soul, we nurture our entire being. Life becomes easier, more balanced, joyful and peaceful in both our interior and exterior world. And because of the changes in us, our interactions with others improve.

You might be asking what this would look like in your life, or how exactly to accomplish this. It starts by recognizing the wisdom contained in a quote by Teilhard de Chardin, a 20th century French philosopher:

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings immersed in a human experience.”

The first time I read this, I intuitively knew that if I could fully understand and apply it, my life would turn around. And it did.

Realizing that you are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience leads you to ask, “what did my soul intend for me to gain from my human experience.” So, for example, whether you lost a job you loved, a family member or lover abandoned you, or your doctor informed you that you have some horrible medical condition, you stop asking “why is this happening to me,” and instead wonder “if my soul planned this drama, what did s/he intend for me to get out of it.”

Now while these words are easy to turn into an affirmation, believing them is another matter. So, if this idea is new to you, do not expect to wake up next week, next month or even next year having fully embraced it.

Most soul plans include lofty goals related to learning lessons, healing old wounds, balancing karma, serving others and growing spiritually. But, in addition, your soul intended for you to experience a life full of joy and peace. That is why nurturing the soul is so essential. When you begin to live by the wisdom in de Chardin’s quote, you realize that your soul is as important as your ego-personality. As you embody this, you begin to wonder what will satisfy your soul. Planning to do so is your next step.

Eliminating the beliefs, circumstances and relationships that are robbing your equanimity should be on the top of your list. Next, you must decide what will fill the space once you remove the ideas, situations and people that are draining your life and your soul. This is not a list of lofty aspirations. Rather, it is a list of simple pleasures.

What satisfies and nourishes each of us and allows us to retain inner calm is quite different. Your own list might even perplex or prompt a chuckle if you are a music lover who enjoys classical Bach as much as 60’s Motown. What elicits joy does not matter but making time and space for it does. And if you love to dance, turn the volume up and have fun.

What gives you joy?

What instantaneously brings a smile to your face and heart?

What simple pleasures await your attention?

These are the things that will nurture your soul.

Many are trapped into thinking that attaining success, status, stuff will make us happy. At a deep level, the level of the soul, the emptiness of this promise is apparent.

So, take the time to remember what brings you joy. And then commit to make your heart smile a priority. In the process, you will have nurtured your soul. Eventually, you will discover that your days are filled with more peace and joy.

And oh, if you do not already meditate think about adding it to your soul nurturing list. It is a wonderful way to open the space to hear the whispers from your soul. I promise, you will be amazed at what you receive.

Happy 2022. Wishing you a wonderful new year in which nurturing your soul brings you joy and inner peace.