What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is the method for accessing recollections from earlier lifetimes enabling exploration of your eternal soul memories.

How does it work?

Recalling past lives enables one to view the experiences of the past, consider it from the perspective of the higher self, and understand the relationship of the past to current patterns of thinking, behavior and relationships. Those who experience past life sessions report enhanced emotional, spiritual and physical well-being.

As with other hypnosis, a session begins with relaxation and visualization that enable the body to still and the mind to quiet enabling focused concentration on journeying back through time. Once you are in this deeply relaxed state, you can more readily connect to your higher self.

During a past life regression, you journey to an earlier incarnation to explore events, circumstances and relationships that shaped your beliefs. It is these core beliefs that souls carry forward into future lives and help one to understand current emotions, patterns, expectations and beliefs.

Why seek a past life regression?

Some are drawn to Past Life Regression as a result of clues that they have from a prior incarnation. In general, people who choose a past life regression believe in reincarnation – a belief held by culture around the world for millennia. Others are less certain, and choose a past life regression with the hope of confirming the eternal nature of life.

Some approach the experience out of curiosity having read one of the many articles or books on the subject, heard an interview with a well know past life regressionist, or seen a movie or show that highlights the technique. One of the most well known of these is Dr. Brian Weiss’ “Many Lives, Many Masters”.

While others choose to experience a past life session to gain insight and better understand themselves. Some look to uncover the answers to important questions about themselves, to comprehend the origin of talents and aptitudes, to resolve situations or relationships or to break long standing behavioral patters.

Still others seek to remediate physical maladies or emotional problems that are resistant to traditional therapies and that appear to pre-date their current life.

Finally, some seek a reconciliation of their worldly/physical identity – their temporal self — with their soul’s nature and lineage – their eternal self.

What is the benefit?

Those who experience past life sessions report enhanced emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Regardless of the motivations, the insight and understanding gained by many clients profoundly and positively influences their outlook on life and perspective on the future. Many report that the experience is an important contributor to overcoming dis-ease in their life.

Decades of research and clinical experience have confirmed the therapeutic value of Past Life Regression in removing problems by revisiting their “root cause” and affecting their final release. Depending on the number and seriousness of therapeutic issues presenting, more than one regression session may be suggested.

Affirmation and reassurance of one’s eternal nature provide comfort to those who may be struggling with life-threatening conditions or end-of-life. The profundity of this cosmic experience can diminish the suffering of an existential crisis of faith; while concurrently affirming the interconnectivity of the web of life.

Insight and understanding about patterns of behavior, attachments and relationships enable one to make decisions that yield positive and constructive change.

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