The Quantum Consciousness technique is based on Peter Smiths ground work “Quantum Consciousness — Expanding your Personal Universe” distinguished for its intersection of spiritual and quantum perspectives. It is a means of re-experiencing the vastness of our consciousness. A quantum consciousness journey offers a unique opportunity to traverse the different realms of consciousness.

A Quantum Consciousness session begins with the activation of what Peter calls “The Remembering” – a reminder that we are so much more expansive. This recall changes our Present Consciousness as we expand and move through time and space as we know it. What follows is a journey through expanded realms of consciousness, including;

Stored Consciousness- where lingering issues are remembered and released or wisdom is shared from one’s current life.

Alternate Consciousness- where one meets and learns from the ‘You’ who’s chosen to experience an alternate reality.

Parallel Consciousness- where one is active in other earthly lives  which are ripe with the wisdom of those prior experiences.

Interdimensional Consciousness- where one experiences and learns from finding oneself in another life form or dimension, either physical or energetic.

Eternal Consciousness- one final realm without boundaries or limitations in which one expands and experiences oneself as blending into the fabric of the Cosmos, recalling ourselves as undifferentiated from the all there is…

…and then back to the forever changed Present Consciousness.

Along the way, the traveler receives wisdom and experiences profound healing. Like other transpersonal modalities, quantum consciousness sessions affect profound change. These exchanges leaves all aspects of ourselves in a higher vibration. We exist in many places, forms and dimensions in unison. The exploration of these different aspects of ourselves brings profound healing, deep wisdom and a changed perspective on what reality truly is.

Cost of Sessions:   Click here for the schedule of fees for Quantum Consciousness sessions and other hypnotherapy services.
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We exist in many places, forms and dimensions in unison.

Peter Smith