Explore the spirit world. Subscribe to The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives® Hypnotherapy ~ “Stories of the Afterlife”.

This quarterly journal of latest Life Between Lives® research case studies is created in response to an avalanche of requests from people seeking inspiration and wisdom that comes from the remarkable work started by Dr. Michael Newton. This work is continued by the global network of therapist, of which I am a member, who are trained and certified by TNI.

Hot on the heels of ‘<strong>Memories of the Afterlife</strong>’ and building on the ground-breaking foundations laid by Dr. Michael Newton’s research as documented within ‘<strong>Journey of Souls</strong>’ and ‘<strong>Destiny of Souls</strong>’, comes the latest offering from TNI.

Stories of the Afterlife includes:

• A never-before-seen video interview with Dr. Michael Newton
• More collected LBL stories of personal transformation, offered by TNI practitioners and clients from around the world
• Research update on our most recent discoveries in this emerging field

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