Sharon’s Relationships

The following is one of the more than 40 cases included in Awakened Soul: Discoveries of Healing, Self-Love and Spiritual Growth.

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Sharon is a 48-year-old tennis instructor with two college-age children. She is on the brink of separating from her husband Robert of 23-years. Despite a tumultuous last six years, including individual and couples counseling, she has been unable to let the marriage go.

Several years ago, Sharon began studying eastern spirituality. In a class she met Brian, a kindred spirit who shares this interest. Over time, their connection deepened. Although not romantically or sexually involved, the intensity of their relationship has left them both feeling like there is a soul connection.

Sharon scheduled her session hoping to gain insight into her inability to end her troubled marriage and to understand the nature of her connection to Brian.

Once regressed, Sharon finds her energy body floating in the astral realm. Her surroundings are unfamiliar. She connects to a higher being who is named Ariel.

Ariel tells Sharon to trust the spiritual path that she is on.

“Don’t be afraid or get discouraged. Be open to all possibilities. Have faith and keep going. Seek the highest path. Trust the path.”

Ariel understands the pain that Sharon has experienced in her marriage and explains its significance. She confirms that in soul state she and Robert agreed to assume roles that would help their spiritual growth, noting that they share an eternal bond of love which has manifested in different ways in different lifetimes.

“You have been married to your husband Robert in earlier lives, as well as being siblings. In this lifetime, romantic love is not what unites you. You made this decision knowing that it would be a sacrifice to not share romantic love with him. You have chosen to be of service to him by helping him to mature spiritually.

The antagonistic role Robert is playing has led you to fear being judged for your spiritual pursuits. He agreed to assume this role to help you grow.

You fear change. You dread hurting your children. Both have prevented you from leaving him. You are reticent to repeat the cycle that led his parents to divorce. But your work may be done with him. Leaving him may be more helpful to his soul’s development.”

Ariel reminds Sharon that her plan to remain married to Robert for their lifetimes can be modified. Despite all reservations and her love for Robert, Sharon knows deep down that neither of them is being served by the slow death of their marriage.

With the hope of brokering resolution, I call in Robert’s higher self to hear directly from him and ask him to share his view of the plan they made in soul state. Sobbing, he is remorseful as he speaks to Sharon.

“I hurt you. I was wrong to hurt you. I neglected you and took you for granted. I tried to control you. I’m so sorry. It doesn’t have to be like this now. I love you, but I can’t hold you. You are free to go. I know that you are done.”

Equally emotional, Sharon’s higher self tells Robert’s that she too is sorry, but that she has to move on. Both are still crying when Robert finally departs. Sharon’s higher self chooses this time to offer her own view on the decisions Sharon is facing.

“Sharon is in touch with her divine essence. In an earlier life as a monastic, she connected to her divinity through nature. She agreed to the plan with Robert in order to help him realize his own divinity. But she needs to leave Robert. She won’t suffer. I have plans for her to help others to grow spiritually, including the people with whom she works. They bring out the best in her.”

Sharon’s higher self elaborates on what might best be understood as a mid-life contingency soul plan.

“Her friend Brian is another soul who is working to grow and become a better person. He surfaced in Sharon’s life because of his own marital struggles and the need for his soul to connect to her.

Because of the romantic chemistry that the two enjoyed in earlier lives, she feels connected to him. Their lifetimes together were very happy. She knew it would be difficult to spend a lifetime apart because their hearts are connected in this special way. Knowing that they would be romantically involved again in a future lifetime was enough.

In this life, she is focused on helping herself and others grow spiritually.”

The discussion about Brian results in the spontaneous appearance of his higher self who is confused about how to handle his desire to be with Sharon and his commitment to his wife. He wants to do the right thing, but he admits that “it’s hard”.

Admittedly, their respective struggles to resolve their marital problems have been encumbered by their emotional draw to each other. Despite their eternal bond of love, the two have both been working hard to do the right thing in their marriages. Sadly, this has left them frustrated in unsatisfying marriages without the depth of connection that they have enjoyed in prior lifetimes.

Sharon’s higher self acknowledges that now that she and her husband have reached a decision point, she will be in a position to patiently wait to see how Brian resolves his situation.

Once again, we hear from her higher self.

“Waiting leaves her vulnerable. But it is okay, she doesn’t have to be the strong one all the time. Relationships are reciprocal. They go two ways. She doesn’t like to be the weak one. She will have to learn that it will be okay. She needs to let others be the strong one.”

These last words trigger an emotional response from both Brian and Sharon. Both are crying. Brian is the first to break the silence.

“I’m so sorry. I am going to shut it down. I am going to will myself to resist Sharon.”

No certainty or closure is possible at this moment.

In the presence of the higher beings, the souls of Sharon and Brian embrace. Linked by their eternal bond, they are cradled in the loving embrace of the higher beings. They are encouraged to love themselves, even when they don’t live-up to their own high standards. Most importantly, they are reminded that their feelings are an outgrowth of their eternal bond.

Brought up from trance, Sharon voices surprise that the session was much more emotional than she expected.

Sharon shares that her direct connection to her husband’s higher self was a welcome change from the negativity he projects and the critical nature of his personality. She is at peace with the need to end their marriage and pleased that her higher self has helped her make such a difficult choice.

Despite the uncertainty of how her relationship with Brian might evolve, she is calm knowing that their loving bond transcends both time and place.

A year after her session, Sharon informed me that she had filed for divorce and moved with her children. Reaching the decision had taken six years, but she now has decades ahead to reap the benefits. As for Brian, he remains with his wife. What remains uncertain is whether the soul agreement that Sharon and Brian made is completed or whether there are other chapters that will unfold in this lifetime.

Those who live in societies in which there is great freedom to exercise free will can gain a false sense of control over life. As most have learned, often painfully, having the freedom to choose does not assure positive or happy outcomes. People struggle with various human problems, stuck between choices that seem untenable. Even those working to accomplish a long-term goal are limited in their event horizons.

These limitations are not shared by the soul.

There is tremendous relief once a problem is viewed from the perspective of the higher self. Viewing your difficulties within the context of your soul’s plan can free you from buyer’s remorse.

In Sharon’s case, learning from her higher self that she had completed the soul agreement she made with Robert freed her to make a decision on which she vacillated for six years. Understanding the context of her feelings for Brian spared her from self-recrimination.

Knowing that both of them are members of her soul family, who agree time and again to incarnate together for mutual spiritual growth, eased her acceptance of life disappointments that might otherwise have been overwhelming. Now, with the understanding of their spiritual bonds, she is able to find the peace that had been so elusive.

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