We promote your well-being…

Our holistic services are based on integration of mind-body-spirit to promote health and serenity, to prevent “dis-ease”, to spark personal renewal.

Our approach reflects recognition that every human being has an eternal nature that has the power to heal, liberate and transform individuals, their communities and the broader society.

Participants of our services and programs appreciate our holistic approach to daily life; as well as our support of their internal and external journeys. Whether you choose a private session with one of the holistic healers that we host or participate in group events, we know that your experience will be satisfying.

Soul Source hosts a highly trained and experienced cadre of practitioners who delight in serving you in the tranquil and beautiful ambiance that we have created for you to enjoy.

Soul Source offers a variety of modalities for those working to integrate mind-body-spirit. Integrative healing techniques include:

Acutonics ~ Energy Healing

Bio-Energy Healing

Energy Psychology

Counseling: Couples Counseling and Life & Career Counseling


Hypnotic Meditation

Reconnective Healing

Sound & Reiki Energy Healing

Tension & Trauma Release


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We inspire and motivate you…

We agree with Polly Berrien Berends, “Everything that happens to you is your teacher. The secret is to learn to sit at the feet of your own life and be taught by it.”,

Soul Source seminars will inspire you to explore:

      • new frontiers of consciousness
      • new paths to inner peace, tranquility and serenity
      • new ways to interact to achieve greater harmony
      • new ways to balance, equanimity and well-being.

Our workshops are designed to motivate you to:

      • enrich your life through greater understanding of your eternal nature
      • expand your thinking ~ incorporating new ideas, thoughts  and  consensus
      • adopt new approaches and techniques to enhance well-being and fulfillment
      • open your heart and to learn how to love yourself deeply
      • advance your journey of discovery and your path to fulfillment
      • change your thinking, change your life, change your world

Our groups provide opportunity to:

      • engage in uncommon dialogue with like-minded individuals
      • expand your perspective incorporating the thoughts and insights of others


Our facility and setting are highly conducive to learning.You will find it a perfect gathering place to relax, rejuvenate and contemplate.  At Soul Source you will feel that you have stepped away from the stresses of daily living and that you have entered an atmosphere designed to awaken the best in the human spirit.

Seminars for transformational thought, practice and action attract students who recognize that health and healing occur in mind, body and spirit. Seminars focus on your well-being – a prerequisite for a healthy, balanced and satisfying life. We attract and host only the highest caliber individual and group lecturers, transformational trainers and holistic practitioners – providing our clients with an unprecedented quality of personal and group experience to advance their spiritual journey

We encourage you to change your thinking in order to change your life and ultimately to change the world. One way to jump start the process is to consider registering for one of the workshops and seminars at Soul Source. You’ll enjoy the benefits and be amazed as they ripple out to your circle of loved ones and to the broader community.

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We help you to awaken…

Each of us is a spark of the divine. At Soul Source, we offer a variety of services to help you to enhance your spiritual practice so that you might embrace your eternal nature and awaken to your divinity

We offer instructional sessions to teach beginners the fundamentals of starting a meditation practice.  Additionally, for those focused on emotional and spiritual transformation, the following services are offered:

Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Life-Between-Lives Hypnotherapy

Transpersonal Journeying

Spirit Releasement

Spiritual-Integration Counseling

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