For many the journey begins when we us reach a point where we realize that there is more to life than day-to-day world and comfort within which we live and work. Still others anguish in discontent hoping that life will become more enjoyable or minimally more bearable. For some the wisdom of age anchors a deepening awareness of the interconnectivity and the grand brilliance behind all of life and fuels a curiosity that longs to be satiated.

Regardless of the motivation, timing or the route, once we reach this point we are no longer satisfied alone by the delights of our physical world nor are we willing to tolerate living is states of dis~ease. We thirst for context for our life – its joys and sorrows. We hope for understanding for the suffering that surrounds. We begin the search for meaning and purpose of our life, greater understanding of our relationships, recognition of our place in the world, and comprehension of the mysteries of existence. In essence, we become seekers of truth, daring to look in unfamiliar or unconventional places that will take us beyond outdated, prefab answers and paradigms that no longer satisfy our curiosity.

Modern mystics and the ancient wisdom traditions are in agreement that the “kingdom of heaven lies within”. Many are familiar with this from earlier religious education while others owe their understanding to more contemporary articulations of one, universal mind that unites all that is (the Alpha and the Omega) and that is experienced by each of us through consciousness. While scientists and spiritual philosophers engage in millennium old debate about the existence and nature of God, millions of people around the globe pursue connection with the Source of all that is through silence, stillness, prayer, meditation and quiet contemplation.

For some this journey is encumbered by the realities of daily life – responsibilities, relationships, external or internal expectations. Regardless of their origin, many things sidetrack us, many things pre-empt the quietude that is essential to reach divinity that awaits within each of us. Soul Source aims to help eliminate these encumbrances – serving as an oasis along the way of your eternal journey.

Along the spiritual path many of us are looking to consult with others or to explore what others have to say, to get help balancing the expectations of daily life with our desire for calm and inner peace, and/or to achieve a state of well-being. Fortunately, opportunities and resources abound. Soul Source is an “oasis” amidst the seeming chaos of life to replenish mind-body-spirit . Our services are designed to promote your well-being, serenity and joy. We assist you on the path to discover that you are the instrument of your own peace, well-being and fulfillment.