Wisdom of Souls, is the second of two books, for The Newton Institute which I co-authored with my three research committee colleagues, Ann J. Clark, Karen Joy, and Marilyn Hargreaves.

Wisdom of Souls provides breath-taking evidence of the life that awaits in the realms of spirit. It is filled with awe-inspiring stories of healing and wisdom experienced by people from all walks of life who have explored spiritual regression. Readers learn what it’s like to take an astral journey to the realm of spirit. There you discover loving guides and higher beings of light who provide instruction and loving encouragement.

Wisdom of Souls provides profound spiritual insights and lessons that will help you connect to your own inner wisdom and gain a new perspective on your life challenges. The book includes stories of people whose life between lives experiences helped them manage family conflicts, cope with health issues, improve their romantic relationships, advance their careers, and resolve debilitating anxiety and depression.

The book is dedicated to Dr. Michael Newton who died in 2016 more than a decade after establishing the Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy® to train hypnotherapists in his technique for facilitating astral journeys. His findings, described in his seminal works Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls confirmed what mystics and sages alike have extolled throughout history – unconditional love and acceptance awaits each of us in the inter-life.

In Wisdom of Souls you will discover case studies of transcendent experiences with spirit guides, departed love ones, the higher self and elders. The case studies selected for inclusion in the book were collected from twenty-five Institute hypnotherapists from around the globe.

I know you will not only enjoy the book but the insight you glean from the experiences of others will help you as you work to resolve life’s challenges. You may decide as thousands before you have to schedule your own astral journey to explore firsthand your eternal nature and experiences.

Wisdom of Souls is available in paperback, Kindle and audio-book on Amazon.com and on Llewellyn.com.