People often schedule a spiritual regression whether it be a past life or life between life regression, an interlife or transpersonal journey with hopes of answering the question – what is my purpose in life? For most, this question can be restated as either what career path should I follow or what am I supposed to do in the world? The latter version is often posed by someone preparing for retirement or some other major life change. As a reformed, OK reforming, workaholic the question rings familiar.

Given my own view on the value of impacting the world – the exterior world for shorthand – it was noteworthy the first time a spirit answered this question by saying “it doesn’t matter”. Time and time again, it remained the answer. Now, I would be totally surprised if a different answer was given. Taken alone, this might not make sense. But within the context of the balance of guidance offered each time, the wisdom is apparent. From the perspective of the spirit guides, the prime focus of what our souls set out to accomplish pertains to our interior world. And love is on the top of the list.

When the spirit guides discuss love they are rarely referencing romantic love which is often what we humans have in mind. They describe love as all encompassing – emanating from the Creative Source, touching all and experienced through all. Love, they say, is the connection between us and all others.

You may remember the television program Touched by an Angel which aired years back. In one of the more poignant episodes, a mother was faced with the imminent death of her child. During it, Wynonna Judd sang You Were Loved, (written by Diane Eve Warren The lyrics so resonated that after the episode, I downloaded and shared them with loved ones. Some months later, my sister gifted several of us with a framed calligraphy of the lyrics which hangs in my office.

It begins. “We all want to make our place in this world;
we all want our voices to be heard, everyone wants a chance to be someone.” A great paraphrase of the question – what is my life purpose?

Further on, the essence of the song is expressed:
“You can have diamonds in your hand, have all the riches in the land, without love do you really have a thing.” A succinct paraphrase of the message resounding from the spirit guides.

People have varied reactions to this wisdom. Some express disappointment or frustration, after all, how does the message lead to the next job, career change or retirement focus. Others know it’s a reminder that we have free will which puts the guides in the precarious position of not communicating information that will preempt future choices. Happily, however, the importance the guides place on love escapes few.

The song’s refrain is “If you can look back and know that you were . . . touched by someone. . . meant something to someone, . . .touched somebody’s heart along the way. You can look back and say, you were loved.”
Now that’s an expansive description of love consistent with the message of the spirit guides.

When I hear the refrain or sing along with Wynonna, I can feel my heart expanding. It reminds me that the tendency to narrow the definition of love as a reciprocal experience between two people misses the bigger point and perhaps the bigger more fulfilling experience. Love is a renewable energy which expands as it is shared. It’s multi-directional. It can touch everyone and everything that you send it out to, and it ricochets back. Additionally, when turned inward, it helps connect you to your divine essence.

So, whether you are grappling to define your own purpose or understand the purpose of life in general, know that the answer lies in love, how it is expressed – whether it touches your heart or somebody else’s heart along the way.