What Exactly Is Spiritual Counseling?

As eternal spiritual beings, we simultaneously exist in two realms – material and spiritual; destined to shuttle back and forth until we acquire the wisdom needed to realize our divine potential, to bring balance and achieve stasis.

In my role as Spiritual Counselor my goal is to assist clients to reach their inner mind and to unite their ego personality and soul as a way of advancing both emotional development and spiritual growth. This is the route to inner peace and harmony. I help clients to understand the challenges and difficulties that they are experiencing within the context of the plan their soul crafted for their current life time.

The soul is a spark of the Divine. A personality, sometimes referred to as the ego, is a portion of a soul’s energy in a physical body. During each life time, the personality combines temporary traits with the immortal core. While it is in a physical body, the soul communicates through feelings. The soul learns through the experiences of the personality, particularly through feelings. When the individual acts and thinks in ways consistent with its true nature, it feels joy, peace and excitement; conversely, when we experience fear and doubt, it is not. Personality and soul remain connected until the body is left behind, and the personality construct gently dissipates over time.

Even when the ego personality is in the dark about its origin, eternal nature and purpose, the soul retains this awareness.

Brian Weiss affirms in Messages from the Masters, “I have found that our hearts and our souls yearn for and respond to psycho-spiritual therapy much more than they do to purely intellectual or mechanical approaches.”

We have learned from the thousands who have experienced past life and life between lives regressions that life is far from random although not devoid of randomness. Each of us charts the purpose and course our life will take. Each of us selects the lessons we will focus on and hopefully master. Each of us decides which wounds we will attempt to heal. Each of us chooses what karmic circumstances we will work to balance.

Each lifetime our soul makes a plan before it incarnates.

The soul’s plan contains important details about the exterior dimensions of our lives. Our soul plan includes our selection of parents and other loved ones, where we are born, where we will live, major health issues, life opportunities, career paths and yes, life challenges. From the soul’s perspective, these external aspects of our life are comparable to the setting and characters in a theatrical drama. In fact, we can liken our life to a play that we have self-scripted. Each of us is the starring character in our own life; and each of us has invited the major players in our life to assume the roles they perform!

Understandably, each of us gets caught up in the trials and travails of daily life – our families and loved ones, our jobs and careers, our hopes and our dreams. It is after all our primary frame of reference. In these instances our attention is often fixed on the external dimensions of the experiences – the stories. When our outlook is limited to the events or their details, we increase the odds that the emotions we experience will be more painful; and we potentially limit our opportunity to glean wisdom from these emotional lessons. When we begin to view our life contextually, we see patterns – patterns in relationships, patterns of behaviors, patterns of experiences and even patterns of thoughts i.e. our core beliefs. These patterns and their origin provide the focus of a Spiritual ~ Transpersonal Counseling sessions

Although hardship and challenges in life are inevitable, understanding the purpose and lessons that flow from them precludes the despair that can result when one sees no point, no greater purpose to pain and suffering that one inevitably experiences in life. The insight that you are a soul having a human experience does mitigates what we have come to understand as unnecessary or secondary suffering – the pain on top of the pain. How so, you ask? Placing the ups and downs of life into an eternal context is liberating and empowering – it vaporizes victimhood. This is absolutely a good thing. It shifts the focus away from what is happening and why it is happening to us, to the more valuable question ‘what did my soul intent by making this a part of my life experience.’ The answers to this question provide provides perspective on life events and painful emotions. And by doing so, the pain of those experiences is lessened. In addition to prompting emotional transformation, this approach fosters spiritual growth and development. Equipped with the insight you are best able to complete the lesson, the healing and/or the karmic balancing that your soul intends.

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We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us. . . .

Joseph Campbell