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Transpersonal Journeys

Transpersonal journeys provide a means for bridging the perceived separation and segmentation between heart and soul.

Simply stated, transpersonal journeys are a means of connecting to this eternal awareness. They provide a way to explore the invisible world that we concurrently inhabit. These forays into the nonphysical realm of consciousness allow us to experience that vaster dimension of self, to engage with guides and other advanced spiritual beings as well as to connect to other members of our soul family. These sessions provide an opportunity for us to engage with the wider aspects of the limitless or higher self. In fact, by this broadest of definitions past life regression, life between lives hypnotherapy and quantum consciousness sessions are all transpersonal experiences.

The Inner World: It is important that we remember our spiritual nature – our divinity. It is, in fact, a central theme of our life purpose. All of the great religions emphasize the importance of understanding the divine presence in and beyond all beings and things. In addition to stressing the importance of love and compassion, each underscores the importance of connecting to the vastness of the ‘heavenly realms’ most often thought of through prayer and meditation. Meditation clears the mind. Paradoxically, by thinking of nothing, we are able to remember and be in touch with everything.

A Transpersonal Journey is built on this understanding, offering a clear path through murkiness of our everyday life – metaphorical searchlights piercing the darkness of the quagmire of daily life that often pre-empts our journey along the spiritual path. And it is here that transpersonal counseling can shed light on and help remove stumbling blocks. Emotional and spiritual growth can occur when you move away from seeing things from the perspective of the outer world to seeing things from the vantage point of the inner world; coming to understand that there are reasons why things happen, there is a grander plan.

During your Transpersonal Journey you directly communicate with your higher-self. Clients in this state often encounter spirit guides and masters who provide the insight, encouragement and direction that is so valued. Still others encounter the members of their eternal soul family, whether currently incarnated or in another realm, with whom they gain clarity, understanding, healing and forgiveness.

I begin with a hypnotic induction to allow you relax and segway to the connection with your spiritual essence. Some journeyers travel to places beyond time and space, while others converse with the spiritual masters, spirit guides, other nonlocal consciousness. Still others attune to their highest self or connect with their ‘inner child’ for healing and release. Others have experienced the power and awe of the presence of the SOURCE of all there is. Still other journeyers retrieve lost or fragmented parts of themselves that split off from their soul at earlier times – what the shamans call ‘soul retrieval’. For others the Transpersonal Journeys involves the release of unwanted attachments, energies and/or guests – the latter is known as spirit releasement. In sum, these sessions are tailored to the specific requests of each client.

Spirit Releasement

Spirit Releasement sessions are a means of releasing attached beings (earthbound spirits who have not crossed into the light upon death) and dark/demonic energies from individuals and physical locations.

When attached to an individual, these energies/entities can significantly affect one’s feelings and behavior, often without one’s conscious awareness. Media portrayals of this phenomena grossly distort the reality for purpose of entertainment. Fortunately for those impacted by attached entities, the ground-breaking clinical research of Edith Fiore, Ph.D., and William Baldwin, Ph.D. have led to hypnotic protocols that produce profound results and lasting relief for clients.

I conduct Spirit Releasement hypnosis sessions with the impacted client or remotely through a surrogate for the client without the physical presence of the client. Likewise, I conduct hypnotic sessions with surrogates to release spirits from physical places.

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