Awakened Soul moves readers to imagine what it would feel like to wake up feeling joyful, at peace and knowing without a doubt that they are loved.

Using excerpted transcripts from spiritual regressions she conducted, hypnotherapist, spiritual counselor and teacher Joanne Selinske, PhD, relays the awe-inspiring stories of dozens who realized this dream and deepened their capacity to love themselves. In shared triumph, each learns the truth of their divine essence, and in the process—awakens to the power of self-love.

In a style both poignant and gripping, Awakened Soul follows these afterlife travelers as they engage with spiritual beings who populate the eternal worlds. On their sojourns through the heavenly realm, the author’s clients encounter angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters. These exchanges shed light on the past life origins of the false beliefs and ineffective coping mechanisms that have burdened successive reincarnations and trapped them in cycles of emotional distress.

Through these encounters, they uncover soul plans they themselves crafted to bring understanding, balance, and healing to the wounds carried across lifetimes. They connect to soul family members, who reincarnate together time and again to help them accomplish their soul plans. Often thought of as life purpose and labeled destiny, these intricate life plans play out through key interpersonal relationships.

Joanne takes the reader beyond the understanding of the healing power of past life regression and spirit communication introduced with Dr. Brian Weiss’ Many Lives, Many Masters and furthered through life between life journeys in Dr. Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls. She guides readers to an even deeper understanding of how past life traumas can be overcome, especially those related to loss, forgiveness, doubt, self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-care and self-love.

Clients describe the emotional healing and insights they gained and how these lead to developing new beliefs and patterns of behavior and emotions. Their accounts testify to the transformational power of past life regression and life between life regression. Their stories will inspire those seeking personal growth. Although they avail professional assistance, Joanne’s teachings about her clients’ triumphs make clear that comparable success awaits the vast self-help audience.

Awakened Soul will help readers rediscover that they are spiritual beings immersed in human experiences; while guiding them to discoveries of healing, self-love, and spiritual growth. Joanne’s message, reinforced throughout the book, is that eliminating the barriers to joy and inner peace opens one to experience one’s divine essence more fully; and that deepening one’s capacity for love leads one to a deeper connection with the originating Creative Intelligence, the Source – the mystery we call God.