I woke up today trying to recover from a virus. I was instantly pleased and grateful that I felt better than the previous few days. It started me thinking about the simple blessings that we tend to take for granted.

Waking up each day is huge, which causes many to pause in gratitude. But what about the many smaller things that may go unnoticed. The day is full of them.

The bed you slept on is one of them, and the pillows another. Both come in endless configurations and styles to maximize your sleeping experience. We have come a long way since sleeping on horsehair, straw mats or curled-up in caves.

And then there is the convenience of indoor plumbing. It tops my list! People lived for millennium without it, and still today not everyone in the world enjoys this luxury.

We ease into the day with a cup of coffee or tea with our breakfast. How many small and large appliances are at our fingertips making this routine almost effortless? The refrigerator alone is nothing short of a modern day gift from the heavens not to mention the drip coffee maker, another favorite of mine.

If you want to start the day abreast of global events you can either walk to the front door to pick up your newspaper, turn on the morning news or switch on your computer. All three fueled by a global network of reporters and news networks. Long gone are the days waiting weeks or months for news to travel.

Mass transit and cars provide an array of choices for those heading out to work, if you must leave your home to clock-in. The availability of desk top computers and the internet is gradually replacing this time consuming routine for some and made it possible for many to safely work at home during the pandemic. And while computers are not a panacea, they have made us more efficient. Has anyone needed to hire a travel agent lately?

In addition to these creature comforts, take a few minutes to think about how your senses enhance your life – seeing a baby smile, hearing someone say they love you, smelling a bouquet of flowers, tasting your favorite food, feeling the caress of your beloved. What a huge blessing each of these is and yet how many times a day do we pause to acknowledge or appreciate them.

Anyone who has ever broken a leg or a foot will attest to how wonderful it is to move about unencumbered, and yet we do this so automatically that we barely give it a moment’s thought. And if you love to exercise, play sports or just amble in the park, moving freely is on the top of your list.

When you stop and think about it, you realize that the list of things that enhance your life is quite extensive – fresh water, sunshine, and a breeze on a warm day. . . The list goes on and on.

Most of the time we take them for granted. But when you recuperate from an illness, surface from grief, or recover from depression you notice the things that have escaped your attention before. You see them for what they are, the simple blessings of life. Some are small, others less so. But all are worth noticing. And for certain, all deserve our gratitude.