I was recently a guest in a home that had a TV screen saver that featured undersea life. As I sipped my morning coffee, the diversity and beauty inhabiting this other world mesmerized. Your own screen saver may have introduced you to life under the sea. If so, you may be similarly amazed about this foreign world that occupies our planet.

Most know that the oceans and seas cover 71% of the planet we populate. How many of us know much about what is truly another world right within our reach? Cursory research confirms an extraordinary volume of different life forms! There are 228,450 known marine species and an estimated two million more remain a total mystery.

When I facilitate spiritual hypnosis sessions for clients who traverse other realms, I often wonder where exactly have they traveled? One of the questions I pondered as I watched transfixed by the screen saver was, had any of my clients traveled there?

Humans tend to assume that we are the most advanced life occupying the planet. But, what if that is not true. What if our underseas are a locus for souls from other realms who wish to experience aquatic life?

The longer I watched, the more I contemplated how locked in we are to our current earthling perspective.

Some may scoff at the idea that an advanced or evolved consciousness might choose to swim our seas, but is it really such a wild idea? If so, what makes it so?

The above numbers confirm that our oceans and seas are teeming with life. Granted some life may be biologically simpler. But those of us who understand that we are more than the physical body that we currently occupy, know that biology is not exclusively determinant. I remind folks all the time that our mind uses our very sophisticated brain but that the latter is not the source of our cognition.

So, if your screen saver has an underwater setting, I suggest that sometime soon you put it on. Let yourself wonder as I did about the many forms of life that occupy our seas, a question that can lead one to wonder about how many different worlds await our own future exploration? You may wonder where exactly does mind and consciousness hail from and where is it heading?

For me, the answer is straight forward and given my astral journeys no longer needing faith to bolster it. Our sliver of consciousness, everyone and everything’s’ sliver of consciousness is heading to the same destination — back to the One Mind, the Creative Source of all thought and all life.

What do you think and why?

Happy Autumn