In the next few blog posts, I will be including sections from Chapter 2 of Awakened Soul: Discoveries of Healing, Self-Love and Spiritual Growth. Chapter 2 is about the Role of Relationships in the Soul’s Growth. Relationships are of particular importance to most of us. In this post, you will understand why they are so important to the soul.

From the moment of birth in each life, you are embedded in relationships that shape your experience of life. You learn about life and how to live in this complicated world through your relationships with others. In your earliest days, this learning is localized with your parents. As you grow, your instructor-pool expands to include siblings, other relatives, neighbors, teachers, religious figures, friends, co-workers, partners, and your fellow global citizens.

Similarly, your soul learns in relationships with others. Through human interactions and experiences, your soul learns the lessons you embedded within your life plan. In addition to what you hope to learn in an incarnation, you may have incorporated other objectives in your life plan, including healing, balancing, or serving others.

It is a rare soul plan that can be achieved by a person living an isolated and solitary life. Most common, the soul sets out to accomplish the goals embedded within its life plan with members of its soul family. Interactions between personalities give rise to transformation in the same way that combining two chemicals produces a changed element.

You are the casting director as well as the star, screen writer and director of the metaphorical play that is your upcoming life. Once you have defined the goals of your upcoming incarnation and major parameters, you begin the process of identifying soul family members to cast in certain roles.

An important part of the planning discussions are the negotiations that take place to secure the agreement of soul intimates to assume key roles.

This process is not one sided. Although, occasionally, souls selflessly agree to put their own plans on hold to assume a specific role in the next incarnation; more often, there is a matching of life plan objectives that meets the needs of both souls.

The wisdom, healing, and balance we seek is embedded in relationship challenges. Often, this precludes “happily ever after.” Spiritual regression case study research has taught us that upheaval motivates. Contrast, opposition, and duality are indeed effective teachers. In fact, the absence of something, often is behind the motivation to find it.

All agreements are made from the eternal love that binds soul family members. While this might seem obvious, it becomes somewhat more difficult to understand when the role that is assumed in the life is far from enhancing and may be downright toxic.

The importance of a soul plan relationship is not correlated with its duration. Souls regularly agree to assume important roles for each other even when the life relationship is not long lasting. Some obvious examples include inspiring teachers who leave indelible marks on your life and partners who die or depart after brief relationships. While humans are challenged and saddened by relationships that end, souls happily move on when the agreed upon objective has been accomplished.

The soul’s mission is to deepen its capacity for love. It carries this out by learning to give love, to receive love, and more succinctly—to be love.

In the next blog you will be introduced to Sharon is a 48-year-old tennis instructor with two college-age children. When she came for her regression, she was on the brink of separating from her husband Robert of 23-years. Despite a tumultuous last six years, including individual and couples counseling, she had been unable to let the marriage go.

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