I am compelled to tell you about someone I discovered that left me awestruck. Some have called her a sound healer; others think of her as a sound oracle. My own reaction is that an angel is in our midst. Her name is Mei-Lan and when you hear her you may agree that she sings with the chorus of angels.

I was searching for something on You Tube. I stumbled upon or was guided, depending on your point of view, to her duet Eternal Soul with Ali Pervez Mehdi. I was blown-away. Her voice is captivating, as is his. Even using the word ‘voice’ seems wrong. Of course, the sounds were coming through her but it was clear within seconds that they originated at a level far above the physical plane. So, it is not surprising that some have dubbed her a sound oracle.

I took the time later to watch a short video in which she discussed her personal journey. In it she remarks that the message that comes through the music is a reminder that we are love.

You truly must experience her music for yourself, because no matter how many superlatives I add in here, all will fall short of conveying how beautiful it is. It affected me deeply – through it I felt God touching my soul, speaking to me in a way that words cannot.

Those of us who devote time to prayer and meditation, long for such experiences. I wondered later whether she has been sent to help those challenged to empty their minds or clear the space for quietude – God reaching out in yet another way to connect to us.

The word transformative is tossed around quite a bit these days risking a lessening of the power of its meaning. In the instance of Mei-Lan’s music, it is beyond transformative. It uplifts the soul. You might conclude as I have, that there is an angel in our midst. One who can touch your soul and remind you of your divine essence.

So do not wait another minute to immerse yourself in this wondrous music. Consider this experience of love a gift from the heavenly realms.

After all, there are more ways to communicate than through the spoken word. Click on the link to Eternal Soul https://youtu.be/CafKRUvwQ2E, and be ready to be uplifted.