We often look away from the difficult realities of life – the horror of war, the suffering of subjugated and victimized peoples, the senseless acts of brutality and killing. The search for understanding is too often confused with acceptance. Ascribing these acts to the work of the devil may seem enough. Oversimplification is tempting, to label it as a mere struggle between light and dark, but falls short.

Those seeking to understand within a spiritual context are beyond blaming God for allowing such atrocities, because humans enjoy the gift of free will. Notwithstanding, the harsh realities of the dehumanized mistreatment of others leaves them bewildered and grappling to comprehend.

A new book Lost Soul, Wise Soul: How Challenging Past Lives Shape Our Future by my Michael Newton Institute colleague Karen Joy, offers insight through the debilitating struggles souls may endure on their pathway to liberation.

Drawing on her most compelling client cases, Karen follows the natural arc of the soul’s journey, including violent or negative ones. Earth’s low frequency combined with our freedom of choice creates the perfect alchemical cauldron for growth. She describes the soul’s early days, their entry into earthly incarnations and how challenges of betrayal and loss may prompt descent into separation.

Her clients’ experiences over lifetimes, suggest that most souls have played the dual roles of victim and perpetrator. The trauma of these past lives―especially those that harmed others―can burden the soul, causing the present self to struggle.

In this compelling narrative, Karen teaches how souls become lost, the depth of separation different souls experience, the efforts made to help them find their way back and the long-forgotten love that is always available.

Readers will learn how challenges can lead you astray, how energy carries from one incarnation to the next, and how your soul can move toward balance by building inner strength and reconnection. Lost Soul, Wise Soul demonstrates how anyone can overcome a past life history of unethical or shameful behavior and live a life filled with peace, love, and joy.

The author’s intention is to help you understand the greater purpose unfolding on the planet, put your mind at ease and bring peace so you can enjoy the beauty and wonderful experiences that living on Earth offers. Readers are assured that regardless of the detour, length of delay or perceived disconnection, souls eventually awaken to their inherent connection to Source. Ultimately and triumphantly, souls emerge into awareness and wisdom on the path to awaken to their divine essence.